Zen Bedroom: Add a Little More Tranquillity to Your Life

Overwhelmed by hectic lifestyles, people rarely take opportunities to truly relax and connect with themselves. And when it comes to true relaxation, watching TV or spending time online doesn’t count. Instead, you should take at least several minutes to get in touch with your inner self and experience the present moment. This will enable you to relieve stress, forget about your work responsibilities and simply unwind, giving you energy for new projects and endeavors. However, in order for you to become truly Zen, you need to create a Zen-inspired bedroom that will fill you with serenity and tranquillity.


De-tech and declutter

The bedroom is meant for relaxation, so you need to transform it into your spiritual sanctuary. This means that you should leave all your worries and work duties at the door, along with technology and clutter. Your bedroom should have an atmosphere of tranquillity, so make sure to remove all possible distractions and disturbances, especially electronic devices. Clutter is also not welcome in a Zen bedroom as it can create an overwhelming atmosphere. Simplicity and subtlety are one of the main characteristics of Zen-inspired décor. Thus, you should aim at designing an open, clutter-free environment where you’ll be able to focus on yourself and your surroundings.


Embellish your bedroom with plants

bedroom, plants
Every Zen retreat embraces nature as the most beautiful embellishment. In fact, eastern philosophies encourage reconnecting with nature and achieving the feeling of oneness with the world around you. Therefore, you should introduce plants to your bedroom and transform your space into a true nature-inspired sanctuary. Not only will they liven up your space, but they will also create an airy, open vibe. An empty corner will seem much brighter if you embellish it with green bamboo in a simple concrete pot. You can also use hanging planters instead of a headboard or decorate your nightstands with bonsai trees or vases with fresh flowers. When picking plants for your bedroom, you should go with those with a subtle or no scent to maintain a soothing atmosphere.


Use earthy tones

A color palette can set the tone for your entire bedroom, so you need to pick calming hues. Neutral shades are typical of the Zen-inspired design, with natural, earthy colors being the most popular option. Since they capture the beauty of nature, they can help you create a truly serene bedroom environment. Soothing shades of blue, grey, beige, blush and whitened jade is also suitable for a Zen bedroom as they have understated appeal. A subtle color scheme will add a touch of peacefulness to your room and help you enter the meditative state of mind.


Pay attention to your bed

bed, bed frame
Not only is the bed the focal point of your bedroom, but it’s also your personal place for relaxation, rest and meditation. It should feature a beautiful, simple and comfortable design that will contribute to the Zen environment. You can place your bed on a concrete platform, a popular element in the Zen design, and create an authentic, sleek look. You can also go with a unique custom-made bed design and pick one that will fit your space. This will allow you to choose a bed frame that you like, add storage compartments and find a style that will capture the spirit of a Zen-inspired design.


Use cozy and light fabrics

For a cozy look, you should introduce layers of soft, light fabrics, including organic cotton, wool or linen. Such beautiful fabrics will give your bedroom a casual, airy flair. Light and slightly wrinkled sheets will create a lived-in look while soft curtains will add to the comfort of your bedroom. You should also add just a few comfy throw pillows and a stylish cover to your bed. A plush area rug made of faux fur or sheepskin will create a feeling of comfort while keeping your feet warm and cozy. In addition, layers of fabrics in neutral hues will complement the color scheme and create a rich look in your bedroom.


Welcome natural materials

bedroom, night table
As already mentioned, nature plays a crucial role in the Zen-inspired design, with wood being at the forefront. Not only does it bring warmth and texture to space, but it also works perfectly with other materials such as natural stone. You can go with wooden bedframe juxtaposed with concrete bed platform for a contrasting yet soothing look. Natural stone or concrete can be used as a flooring solution or an accent wall. Such a unique combination of different materials will create a play of texture and allow them to accentuate each other.
A Zen bedroom that exudes serenity and tranquillity will provide you with an opportunity to relax and enhance your well-being, preparing you for the next business endeavor.

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