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Workplace Design Tips To Attract Millennial Talents

Everybody knows that one of the most important things in maintaining a successful business is the ability to adapt. Times are changing, and your business won’t be an exception in this evolution process. The cornerstone of this evolution is highly rooted in your employees and their talents. Baby boomers are leaving the stage in search of other opportunities and are being steadily replaced by the second largest generation – millennials. They are the ones with the top talent today, and they will represent half of the workforce by 2020. It is obvious that you’re gonna need them for the job, but you should know that their expectations are very different from their predecessors’. That’s why attracting their top talent is one of the biggest challenges every company faces today.

Great expectations

Amaze them!

Because of their ‛great expectations,’ many of them are not satisfied with their current job positions and nearly a half of them are one foot already out of the door. This number is expected to increase to two-thirds by 2020 and keeping them inside the company has already become a struggle. However, where there is a challenge there is also an opportunity. Why just struggle to keep the talent you’ve got if you can also harvest the ones leaving from other companies? In order to attract this top talent, you need to be familiar with their expectations. As every other generation, they also expect financial incentives and good salaries, but it’s not all about the money. More important for this generation is how they work and especially where. So if you’re gonna build an employee value proposition that will match their priorities, you need to know design trends that will make them feel at home. You need to ditch old boring cubicles and follow the creativity of growing office design trends.

Create the whole world

The most important thing you need to know when designing a workplace for millennials is that they won’t stay put. Their desire for various choices is reflected in the opportunity for collaboration within the office and your biggest task is to enable that collaboration. If they can’t move around they’ll just find the exit, and you can’t allow that. That’s why most of the companies today are leaning towards Activity Based Working (ABW). With this design trend, you will create task-oriented space that will be divided into areas for a different type of activities – comfortable lounges where they can collaborate freely, quiet areas where they can focus and concentrate, even ‛phone booths’ where they can talk in private.

modern office space

The point is to make them feel like they are going from place to place without actually leaving the office. Instead of introducing them to their seat where they’re gonna have to stay throughout the whole day you will enable them to chose the space based on the task at hand. It’s like building the whole world with various meeting points where they will able to meet with co-workers for face-to-face collaboration. Although you need to divide the workplace, remember that nothing is supposed to be off limits – they want to interact and learn from mentors, especially senior management. There mustn’t be any hierarchy. Connectivity and transparency in the design are the main things that will attract this prospective talent.

Bring in nature

supply the office with natural materials


Obviously, you can’t create the world without some greenery. If they feel like taking a walk in a park, you’ll need to bring the park to them. In order to establish this connection with nature, you will probably want to employ Biophilic design. This design is based on a scientifically proven philosophy of our innate connection with natural elements, so it’s way more than just a trend. And if you think it is just about adding a few plants to your office, it’s far more than that, too. Basically, it is a type of design that turns nature into an architectural framework and that way includes its form and patterns into the environment. It does include natural plants but also accomplishes the full effect through the use of patterns, textures and natural lighting. That way it can bring in the green in large metropolitan area office space where nature is not very attainable which will definitely change the way we work.

Bring in the nature

We already said how connectivity and transparency are important in design, so it’s time to tear down those gray cubicle walls. Of course, you’ll need to divide different areas and the best way to do that is to use green wall dividers or stand-alone green walls. These will divide spaces but keep the overall flow and feel of the room, providing your millennials with enough privacy and noise reduction on the side. But the installations of these green walls may require large amounts of space, irrigation systems and sometimes even structural engineering and may not be for everyone. If this is the case in your company you can always go with the Green Without the Wall trend that will also add greenery to your space by creating green wall-like designs without a conventional green wall. This illusion of green is easily created by things like hanging baskets at different levels and heights or simply grouping plants together on shelves. As you can see, implementing the nature in your office can be pretty simple, just make sure you can use all the benefits of plants without creating an additional choir. Your goal is to attract talents for your brand, not a gardener. Hose Link can be your best ally in this situation with its retractable hose reels that can easily take care of all your greenery.

As we said at the beginning, every business needs to go through evolution process sooner or later. Every new generation will have its own expectations, but once you come to understand them they won’t seem that great at all. When it comes to millennials you’ll just have to turn your office into collaboration playground where they will have their freedom of choice.

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