Working through the holidays – tips on keeping it all together

Getting through the holiday season is quite stressful and exhausting on its own. However, getting through it with a pending big project and a busy work schedule can kill your festive spirit altogether. It doesn’t have to be this hard, as you deserve to enjoy the holiday as much as anyone else. Well, with the right time management and some “clever” working anything can be achieved. Right on time for celebrating with your loved ones.


Plan Ahead for No Regrets

With million things on your mind, there is a big chance of missing on something important. Avoid the regrets later by investing as much time as needed in creating a detailed schedule for this year’s holidays.

Start with a list of all your responsibilities and then appoint them for specific dates. Your success depends on being honest about how much you can actually tackle in one day. It’s best to start with the preparations early and focus on a thing or two per day, instead of stressing and rushing over million things at the last minute. Here’s what may require special attention:


Guests’ sleeping arrangements

Make sure you have everything covered, especially when it comes to the guest room. If you don’t use it often, then give it a good clean. Also, inspect every part of the room to be certain that all is working properly. Think about the preferences of your guests regarding room temperature, scent, etc. If you have time, make the room more festive with candles, garlands, etc.


House cleaning and decoration

With all the work and busy days ahead, it may look tempting to go easy with the decoration and organisation of the house this year. That would be perfect unless you are expecting guests who are excited for the holiday and ready for a big celebration.

You can still deliver by doing a major cleaning of the house about a month prior to Christmas. Your only job after that will be to maintain the place with some light cleaning. Plan decorating as late as possible, so you have fewer things to clean around the house. Also, don’t lose time by looking to purchase new expensive ornaments and the likes, instead see what you can do to bring your old decoration back to life promptly.



If you are working on more than one project, definitely pay special attention to the deadlines. Just to be sure, make notes and put them on highly visible places to save yourself from unpleasant surprises.


Children’s events

While you are thinking about projects and doing mental workday schedules, your children are probably preparing for a school concert or another special event. This is certainly something you don’t want to miss on, so mark it on the calendar.


Gift shopping

The earlier you get all your Christmas shopping done, the better. Considering how busy this time of the year gets, it is preferable to come up with more than one gift idea for every person, so you don’t lose time if something can’t be found.



Eyes On the Prize

You will find staying motivated and productive more and more challenging as Christmas approaches. That’s because distractions are lurking everywhere and that holiday spirit is known to be quite contagious.

Regardless, there’s still work to be done and you are a professional, so stay focused and keep clear of distractions. There is no harm in being part of the office Christmas party and the exchanging gifts fun, however, the office decoration is where you draw the line. While you can’t control what others are doing, you are in charge of your personal work space. So, keep it decoration-free and entirely focused on business.

Maintaining good concentration will prevent decrease of productivity and will help you finish the tasks faster. Speaking of working fast, sometimes trying too hard may result in prolonging the work process. The better approach is taking small but adequate breaks for regaining focus and strength.


Don’t Hesitate to Accept Help

No matter how good you are at handling things alone, there is no harm in accepting help from others every once in a while. After all, Christmas is a family holiday, which means you can do everything together – from preparing for it to celebrating.

So, while you’re working your partner can get the things from your gift shopping list, or you can ask the kids to get a head start with the decoration. Getting a professional for the cleaning of the house or for the inspection and fixing of certain areas in it will also relieve your busy schedule.


Take some well-deserved time off

Getting through this working holiday will come at a price, which is why taking good care of yourself is of big importance. For starters, don’t cut on hours of sleep and don’t hesitate to give your body and mind a break whenever you feel necessary. Exercising is a good way to boost your energy and productivity. However, if that seems like too much of an effort, regular walks will also do the trick.

Most importantly, taking a few days off once the holiday is over will be beneficial for regaining your strength and getting a fresh start. Make sure to arrange that early, though, preferably before the holidays.

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