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Working Moms – 5 Ways You Can Help Your Children Succeed at School

Being a mompreneur is more of a mindset than it is a job, and the constant need to balance these two roles can sometimes pose an issue when it comes to being the mom your kids need and encouraging them to be independent. On one hand, you already do the latter successfully by being a dedicated, working mom, but on the other, there are so many other factors that play a role in how your kids feel about education and responsibilities.

As a mom, you can do so much to help your kids develop a love for learning, passion for overcoming their limitations, and that much-needed grit to learn even from failure. Here are a few mom-approved tips that will help you achieve these very goals!

1 Communication is the key

When in doubt, go straight to the source. Talk to your little ones in order to understand their point of view. Perhaps their view of school still needs some shaping, or they have some unresolved fears that you can address and help face them in a constructive manner.

Then again, teachers and school counsellors are priceless when it comes to giving you a more in-depth insight into your child’s attitude in and towards school. Are your kids active and curious in class, or are they passive and waiting for others to do assignments? Are they active participants in group tasks? How well do they handle those moments of not knowing the right answer? Learn from the input, talk to your youngsters, and you’ll help them make progress.

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2 Be a consistent role model

You already know that in order for kids to succeed in school, they need to have a solid point of reference in their home. If they have a hard time staying away from their techy gadgets and doing homework, consider if they could have picked up that behaviour from you or your spouse.

You can use your family time to share responsibilities, and if they need to do their homework or pitch in with chores, you can also be productive, whether you need to respond to emails or make lunch for tomorrow. They might start looking forward to those shared moments of responsibility, as you all contribute in your own way.

3 Enable the right support

Australia is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, and parents who’d like to enable their kids to continue their academic education truly need to start planning early. They have the habit of helping their kids excel, and spotting the subjects they have trouble with is never neglected, as it may only be a symptom of further issues in the future.

That is why professional tutoring in Sydney and other cities in Australia has become one of the primary ways parents help their kids master the study material and overcome any learning issues they may have. Working one-on-one gives kids the freedom and comfort to address the problematic areas of study and to feel more confident at school as they progress.

4 Tame your helicopter needs

If Dutch parents are anything to go by, and they should be, you can learn the art of letting go from parents of the happiest kids in the world. As research points out, they do not dwell on whether or not their youngsters are at the top of the class or if they take part in various extracurricular activities as long as they are happy and learning.

They play outside without supervision and are allowed to ride their bikes to school. Can you imagine giving such autonomy to your youngsters? Perhaps it takes time to get to such a mindset, but helicopter parents are advised to encourage independence, self-reliance, and learning every step of the way. As a result, your kids won’t feel as pressured by school work, and they’ll build a positive attitude towards mastering new skills.

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5 Encourage structure and purpose

Kids in general, and especially today’s youngsters, are prone to distractions of all sorts. They crave constant stimulation, and they are easily drawn by a more interesting prospect than homework or studying. However, when you provide, encourage, and practice structure in your home, they are likely going to bring such an attitude with them to school.

As they learn to organize their time and responsibilities, they develop skills far more important than merely memorizing information and reproducing it later in class. Set up their weekly and daily schedule together with them, check up on them in a non-helicopter manner, and you’ll soon teach them self-discipline, which is vital for their school success.


By mixing bonding family sessions and work-inspired time with your kids, you’ll show them how rewarding it is to have a fulfilling life and a career to go with it. Your support will be vital for them to make the most of their education, so use this sensitive time of their life to set an example for your kids and guide them towards greater independence in life.

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