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Why you need to invest in a good website writer

Why you need to invest in a good website writer

If you have a business website you need to fully invest in it and that includes hiring a website copywriter.  Yet, many people would rather do it themselves – I review the common objections to hiring a professional web writer and the benefits they can bring. 

In these digital times, it’s expected a business has a website.  And there are even higher expectations of how it should look, read and respond.

When a website is set up well, it’s a viable sales tool. It can work 24/7 helping you convert sales.

Yet, while businesses are often willing to invest in how the website looks or operates, they always overlook one aspect – how it reads. 

Rather than outsourcing to a professional website copywriter, business owners decide to skimp and write the content themselves.

But this is one decision that could result in a poor conversion rate and a failed investment.

I review the most common objections of the business owner to hiring a website writer and highlight the benefits a good website writer can bring.


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Common Objections to Hiring a Website Writer

I can’t afford to hire a website writer

Well, would you believe me when I say – you could be losing more money writing the website yourself. Being a business owner myself, I understand the stress of expenses and the desire to DIY on various tasks.

I’ve often spent countless times googling “how to do it” guides to attempt whatever task I deem too expensive.

Some worked, some didn’t. Results were often unclear until after I spent a lot of time trying to complete the task in the first place. Soon, I came to realize I was trading my time for money.  The time I could’ve been working for clients and earning an income.

I actually lost more money than I saved.

Now let’s face it,   writing – and writing persuasive copy – can actually be a difficult process that takes time.

While a well-written landing page can actually work overtime converting customers.

Failing to hire a copywriter is a potential loss of a lot of money.


It’s way too hard to explain my business to a writer

To me, this statement alone points to someone who needs a website writer.

If you cannot explain your business to someone with ease– how can you even write about it?

It’s a belief that can equate to overcomplicated, jargon-heavy content. Or basically, content that doesn’t sell.

Your website needs to articulate who you are, what you do and what you stand for. From the moment a web visitor arrives.

If it doesn’t, visitors will leave your website without even a backward glance. They’ll continue on their merry search for a company website that resonates (because it wasn’t yours!).

In actual fact, it can be quite clarifying speaking to someone removed from your business about your business

They’ll ask questions about your business, your objectives and plans to create content that effectively sells your story.

A clear benefit of this process is you’ll walk away with a clear message about your business. A message you can use to simply discuss your business with others.


I know my audience better than anyone

Yes, you know your customers – how to service their needs and deliver the products they want.

But do you know what your customers want and need to make a buying decision?

People want to know what differentiates you from your competitors. What are the benefits of working with you? What are your values? And what makes the experience of working with you different from an alternative supplier?

Remember, Google opens up the marketplace.

You’re competing against a lot of business operators. So it’s not difficult for prospective customers to find a plethora of options.

Website visitors are searching for a feeling, a connection and a valid reason to work with you.

A copywriter can help you do this.


It’s too hard to find a reputable, affordable copywriter

Is it really?

I’ve already mentioned how Google has opened up the marketplace. There’s no shortage of copywriter locally, nationally or even globally for that matter.

Of course, finding one that resonates with you may be a little more difficult.

Here are some steps to helping you find the best website writer for you:

  • Ask for recommendations from your network
  • Look at their websites – do they clearly articulate their service, values, and benefits. (More importantly, does what they say to appeal to you?)
  • Do they have testimonials and case studies that showcase their experience?
  • Do they have experience in SEO writing?

Shortlist some possible copywriters and have a chat with them. I am sure you’ll also find a proposition that works well within your budget.

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The Top Benefits of a Website Writer

Investing in just the look and the responsive of your website is like visiting a client for the first time. You’re on time, looking Schmick and you’re confident in your ability to deliver. You open your mouth…but you’re unable to speak in a language your client can understand.

With a content writer, you can help find the words that appeal and engage your target audience. They can deliver:

  • Time: Writing can be a long process. And writing a website is a skill in its own right. If you don’t have the experience it could turn out to be a very laborious, time-wasting experience. The time that could be better spent making money. In the end, a copywriter saves you time so you can concentrate on your job.
  • Money: A website is a prime sales tool – that works 24/7. A well-written website can maximize conversions. A good copywriter helps with sales making you money.
  • Clarity: A writer will communicate your message and brand with ease. In a way that appeals and engages your customers from the moment they arrive. This will minimize your bounce rate and maximize your clicks.
  • Difference: You may deliver the same products as competitors, but your brand’s different. You need to differentiate your business. You need to clearly say how you offer a different experience than your competitors. A good copywriter clarifies your Unique Value Proposition to clearly tell your story.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is all about where you rank on search engine sites. A copywriter skilled in keywords and SEO will prove to be a very valuable investment.
  • Credibility: An easy to read and well-written website establishes your credibility. Spelling mistakes, poor grammar, and punctuation have a negative impact.
  • Experience: A good website copywriter knows their craft. They’ve professional writers and studied their field so know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Perspective: Sometimes you can be a little too close to your business to get a realistic perspective of your brand. A copywriter can provide valuable insight from the outside.

Overall, hiring a good website copywriter is a solid investment. They can maximize your business.

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