Busy Female Entrepreneur

Why Self-Care is Essential for the Busy Female Entrepreneur

As busy female entrepreneurs, we can often be our own worst enemy when it comes to self-care.  We work hard, we often play hard.  We love what we do with a passion.  We take care of the needs of our business, our teams, our loved ones, our partners. We give to our communities generously. But, what about ourselves?  Do we give ourselves a time out for self-care?

Regardless of the business, you’re in, chances are you have slogged hard and long hours in the creative, development and administrative process of building your business and brand.  You’ve sacrificed countless hours away from loved ones, delayed holidays, and put other passionate pursuits on hold while you have striven to get to where you are today.

But, my friend, I know you well.  You are smart, driven, determined and sassy, but you are not invincible. Burnout is a real threat and a menace to your business!  It threatens the very core fiber of your business, your “why” in doing what you do – freedom, empowerment,  self-determination.  Worse, still, it threatens your health and your ability to enjoy your successes and your life!



Firstly, let’s look at burnout.   Burnout is a result of long-term and chronic stress. A little bit of stress is essential in life to keep us motivated, driven.  Burnout, on the other hand, is when you feel exhausted more often than not.  It is when you no longer enjoy life nor those activities that are meaningful to you and bring you some satisfaction.  Burnout results in a lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating on what is important, confusion, self-doubt and losing the passion and drive in your life.  When you have reached the point of burnout, it can feel like all the joy in life has been sucked out of you.


I’m tired but not burnt out

You may not feel like you’re at the point of burnout yet. However, the thing with burnout is that it can be a slow burn.  Ongoing stress can make you feel irritable, anxious or overly-sensitive.  Physically, it can lead to sleeplessness, muscle tension and pain, stomach issues and headaches.  You think “this will pass” or “of course, I feel this way I work so hard”, but without an intentional plan for self-care, you will remain at the bottom of your priority list.


A few Self Care Tips

  • Sleep – in recent research
  • We all know the impact of our devices on our physical and mental health.  Make a commitment to switch off your device 1 hour before bedtime


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