Dog in a Workplace

Why is Having a Dog in a Workplace Beneficial for You

We said this many times, so we can say it again, “A dog is a lady’s best friend.” This statement does not lose its meaning because of its repetition for the sheer fact of being true. Dogs are the best companion a human can have and they do not mind expressing their gratitude for being around them as well. Pets have a lot of benefits to their human hosts. They are not just mere companions. They are there to put a smile on your face and cheer you up when you need it. They can relieve stress and can boost your mood. Some studies have even shown that they can even reduce cholesterol levels. It also does not matter which breed you have. Whether if it’s a Beauceron or some other breed, all of them have similar benefits on the worker.

So if dogs are so beneficial to us, why can’t we bring them to work? More and more companions have started to employ this policy. Allowing dogs at work has boosted the morale of a workforce and greatly benefited an office or individual workers. Since 2012, there was a 6% increase of companies allowing their employees to bring their pets at work. Why do you think this happens? The answer is simple. Dogs really have a beneficial influence on the production of a person at work. It makes the worker happy and allows them to perform better.

Seeing the results of this “experiment” at first, allowed many companies to try it out. Bringing your lovable pet with you allows the worker to be at ease. There are many beneficial health factors and it also makes the worker less stressful. Here are some of the benefits dogs can have on a wellbeing of a worker.

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Relieve Stress

A workplace can become a highly stressful area. Everyday tasks that require a lot of concentration can get daunting at times. This greatly expands the margin of error so one has to find a way to relieve the stress and boost their concentration at these times. It has been proved times and times again that pets are a great stress buffer. There have even many researches that confirmed that just by petting a dog your heart rate normalizes and you start to feel much better.

Most recently scientist has determined that by cuddling or by stroking a dog the level of oxytocin, a hormone which relieves stress, rises while the level of cortisol, a hormone known for increasing stress, goes down. So what else do you need when you have scientific proof for it. Make your office a stress free area by adding a dog to it.


Work and Life Balance

Dog owners often worry when they leave their pets alone at home. Some dogs might get used to it after a while, but some never adapt and start having separation anxiety. This can only be prevented if the owner is close to the dog at all times. But if you are at work, how can you do that? Taking your dog with you at work will allow you to care for your dog and work at the same time. You can concentrate much better on your work tasks when you know that your lovable pet is right there beside you.

Additionally, some people leave their dogs in care centers while they are at work. By bringing them with them at work it saves you money that you would spend that way. Also, it saves you time so you do not have to be dropping off and taking the dog back and forth all the time.


Collaboration and Socialization

Creating a relationship with a co-worker can be tuff to do if you really do not have so many things in common. But a lot of people love animals or at least do not mind having them around. If your dog is near you it will open up the possibility of a conversation with a colleague which will prompt a better relationship at work and a possible collaboration. If you walk your dog regularly in a park, you know how this feels. A person comes up to you and you start having a conversation about your dog. Before you know it you establish a relationship with that person and you start to get to know each other better immediately. The same can happen in the office, just substitute the park with a work area and you are good to go.


Health Factors

Working in an office is not healthy for the body at all. People who do this kind of work regularly know what we are talking about. Sitting all day at a computer puts a strain on your eyes and spine. You lose conditioning and go out of shape very easily. All in all, it is bad for you and you immediately have to find ways of fixing this problem.

Studies show that making even a small break every half an hour is extremely good for you. Even if you stand up and go for a glass of water is beneficial for you. But things get so much better if you have something more interesting to do. Your dog will be the main point of you getting up and petting it or playing a few minutes with it. Even tending to it will provide you with a break that you desperately need. Without a dog by your side, you will end up being immersed in work which will make you forget that you actually need a break.


Attracting Talent

One thing that companies started using to their advantage is publicly being pet-friendly. If you are a company with a pet-friendly policy, there is a good chance that your popularity will rise. This also leads to more interests from talented people and will generally mean that more people are going to work for you. In a recent study, it has been revealed that a lot of people when inquiring about a job in a certain company also inquire about their pet policies. Those companies that have a more favorable pet policy have a greater advantage of getting better workers. More and more companies will start to think this way and soon we might see a great increase in various companies changing their pet policy.

So there you go, these are some of the benefits that companies need to consider about dogs at work. There are more advantages than disadvantages to it. Many of them should consider trying an unconventional method and be dumping the old and traditional. If this is too big of a change, start slowly and introduce a “bring-your-dog-to-work day.” If this pays the dividend, then you can think about introducing it regularly.

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