Why Every Woman Needs a Bidet?

Even though people still don’t know enough about the marvellousness which is a bidet, this invention has been present for quite a while. This bathroom fixture was actually invented in the 17th-century France by furniture makers. The principle of use remained the same: to saddle the bidet and wash your nether region with a spray of water.

Today, the benefits of a bidet are more and more recognized as important for human health and the environment. The toilet paper industry spends millions of gallons of water and cuts down millions of trees in order to make toilet paper. So, from an environmental standpoint, bidet has a significant impact on depleting natural resources.

However, another thing that distinguishes it from toilet paper is how it affects women’s health. So, if you are still deliberating whether to install this fixture in your bathroom, these might help.

Women’s health and its impact on everyday life

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of empowering movements focused on women’s health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, these topics were considered inappropriate and even taboo through history. That had serious consequences for disease prevention. Proper hygiene of genitalia and its importance to prevent infections was not so heavily highlighted in order to avoid shame and discomfort.

Moreover, it’s a well-known fact that reproductive tract infection causes female infertility and bacteria are the main culprits. Yeast infections prevent sperm to move to the eggs, while bacterial infection can damage fallopian tubes which allow an egg to arrive in the uterus. All these issues start in the lower genital tract and are in majority of cases caused by poor hygiene.


Hygiene and its benefits

Hygiene is always important so there is no time when you don’t have to do it and periods when you must. It should be an everyday routine which can increase during certain states like menstruation when mucous membranes get dry. These membranes produce vaginal mucus which is part of the immune system and it protects the genital area from infections.

If vaginal mucus is not sufficiently present, it will leave uterus unprotected. This can lead to infections which in turn can cause miscarriages, premature birth, and conditions which damage fertility. For these reasons, many women use vaginal douching as a measure of regular hygiene routine. However, this can cause more damage than help which can lead to infection instead of preventing them.

The stats say that 20 – 40% of women in the US use vaginal douches bought at the store or made at home with water and vinegar mostly. Anti-bacterial soaps are harmful to probiotic colonies and change the pH value of the genital area. Basically, these methods are considered aggressive and can lead to certain conditions or worsening of the ones already present.


Why every woman needs a bidet?

There are different versions of bidets that can fit in any bathroom and fulfil many needs. Depending on the budget and preferences, you can buy a seat fixture or go for a fully equipped bidet toilet. They all use the same principle. You wash your genitals with a spray of water without adding soap or any other substances.

Their eco-friendliness, when compared to toilet paper, is already well-documented, there are more reasons why this means of hygiene is better. Wiping with toilet paper causes bacteria to spread in the genital region and thus cause a number of vaginal infections. Instead, washing the area with a spray of water after using the toilet and wiping with a towel will clean the area without drying off the area.

Furthermore, if you don’t have time to jump in the shower during your cycle, bidet will help you keep your hygiene in check. This is important for women who frequently suffer from urinary infections in order to lower the number of their onset.

Toilet paper also causes irritations due to wiping and inability to clean the area efficiently which can be uncomfortable. While you don’t have to stop using it completely, you can use it less and in a different capacity.

Another benefit of the bidet is that it’s comfortable which women who recently gave a childbirth need. Water in the bidet can have the desired temperature and you can adjust the intensity of the spray. In some cases, even the seat can be warm, and a bidet can release scents in the air.

How to choose the right bidet?

What type of bidet you will choose depends on many factors. Some models cost as much as $2,000 while others will need more room and renovations for installation in the bathroom. So, choose a model based on these parameters and you can’t go wrong.

In the end, all these models function on the same principle with minor differences. Make a bidet your New Year’s resolution.


Bidet should be part of your home and daily hygiene. Every woman needs a bidet to preserve her vaginal health and feels comfortable during her cycle or any other condition. In the ongoing bidet vs. toilet paper feud, the former is winning so join the rising number of women who decided to upgrade their bathroom with this fixture.

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