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Why a Roster App is Important for your Business

Running a business is like spinning plates. There are so many things to consider, up there wobbling away, threatening to fall if you don’t give them enough attention: maintaining cash flow, placating clients, competing for new business; the list goes on. For a lot of businesses, one of most neglected, wobbly plates is roster management. It’s easy to forget about scheduling staff, but without a happy, organised team, the rest of the business’ plates can start falling and breaking pretty quickly. To help keep things running smoothly in the background, most businesses turn to a rostering app – an approach that’s definitely worth considering.

Choosing a Roster

There are plenty of different rosters systems to choose from, so it’s important to pick the one that’ll best suit your business needs.

  • Staggered rosters – if you need different numbers of staff at different times of day, you need a staggered roster. Perfect for retail or hospitality businesses.
  • Flexible rosters – there’s nothing trendier than flexible work at the moment, but rigid rosters can make it more of a headache than a treat. A flexible roster system is one that can handle the shifting needs of employees, whether they’re starting early or leaving late.
  • Duty rosters – most businesses don’t just need peoplepower, they need a mix of different skills, seniority and responsibilities. Duty rosters make each of these clear, so you can ensure that you have the right kind of employees on deck.

One Team, One Dream

Communication and transparency are the key to building a successful roster for your business. Your staff are the ones who’ll use it most, so why not let them have their say? Look for a scheduling software that lets your team volunteer for particular shifts and communicate with other employees. Of course, you have the final say, but often staff are able to sort out rostering snags on their own if given the tools.

Bring in Experience

While busy periods at work can be a useful trial by fire for young staff, it’s essential to roster on experienced team members to make sure everything runs smoothly. A proper rostering app will help you organise duty rosters to make sure that you’ve got the right mix of new and older team members on the floor.

Cut Out the Paperwork

It’s 2018. If there’s any part of running a business that’s causing you a headache, it can probably be automated. Stop wasting time fielding calls and answering emails from your staff, and let them log their leave and availability online. A good roster app will offer this (and plenty more) to save you time and energy in your day-to-day.


It’s the buzzword du jour, but transparency is a crucial element of building trust within your business. Especially if you’re juggling lots of part-timers, it can be very difficult to build loyalty. Being open and honest with your staff can help to develop trusting working relationships.

Beyond that, though, transparency can just make life easier for everyone. A roster app that every team member can access means minimising miscommunications. No last-minute cancellations through double-bookings. Just seamless, straightforward management of schedules for all.


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