Which social platforms are best for your business

Social media has become the biggest platform for people to connect all over the world. What began as a way for friends to stay in touch or reconnect has now become an invaluable tool for all kinds of businesses, from small handmade businesses to international companies.
If you want to keep your customers up to date with new releases or services or are looking to expand your reach to new customers all over the world, then a social media presence is an absolute necessity. With more and more customers choosing to go online to find the products or services that they want then social media profiles are essential tools in your marketing arsenal.
But with so many social platforms to choose from, which one is the best one for your business?.


Facebook is a social media giant and can be given credit for creating the foundations of the social media age. With millions of users all over the world, having a Facebook profile for your business can help increase your visibility to reach millions of potential new customers. For the small business, Facebook offers an easy way to reach and easily interact with your customers. You can promote posts to ensure that they reach the newsfeed of Facebook users, whether they follow your business or not.
The ability to share videos and images easily on Facebook means that you can use a range of media to attract your customers, getting a large amount of information across in a way which is accessible and engaging.


LinkedIn has quickly become the premier social platform for business to business connections. LinkedIn allows you to create a profile for your business so that you can network online and make connections to other businesses and professionals who could aid you in your company’s endeavours. Businesses in supply, marketing, distribution, manufacture and many more industries all use LinkedIn to help expand their contact lists, and you can use it to network from your office without needing an invite to an event.
If your business has reached a plateau and you are unsure of your next move, then the connections you can make on LinkedIn can help you find new avenues to take. You can find business advisors on the platform who can offer invaluable advice as well as connecting with other business owners who you may be able to work with to help each other out.


Instagram has benefitted from a massive increase in popularity over the last few years and is a fantastic way to market your business. If your target market is young adults or teens, then an Instagram presence can really help you to gain new customers and followers. The image sharing platform allows you to share photos and videos to engage and share your content quickly. Instagram also makes use of hashtags so that your followers can find your content if they are already searching for key terms.


All the big names in business use Twitter to engage and interact with their followers. If you don’t have a Twitter account, then you need one. Your Twitter account can be used to share information or engaging posts which your followers can share, increasing your visibility to potentially millions of social media users. Use popular hashtags in your posts to join in trending conversations and get your business visible on the platform. You can still share images and videos as well as being able to interact directly with your followers.
If you are still unsure which social media platform is the best one for your business then speak to a marketing agency in Cheshire who can advise you on which platform you should focus your attention on. Your business may benefit from a presence on a range of social platforms but rather than spreading your time and marketing budget on all platforms, a marketing agency can help you to focus your energy on the platform which is going to offer the most significant rewards..

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