What’s wrong with today’s fashion industry?

Fashion as a whole drastically changed in the last couple of years. With many indie designers reaching a more “mainstream” status and with the quick rise of streetwear as a fashion and artistic matter, we’ve also seen significant downsides of the picture. Let’s analyse what is currently not functioning in the fashion industry, both from a business and artistic point of view.


Streetwear And Limited Pieces: Too Much Or Too Fast?

As said above, streetwear has become a global phenomenon, with international brands like OFF-White, Supreme, Anti Social Social Club and British ones like Les Girls Les Boys and Burberry, who stepped away from the original high tailored design just like his Italian cousin Gucci. With this in mind, it’s important to understand why the streetwear realm has become so big in such a small timeframe: supply and demand. Given the fact that most of these products are available in both limited copies and for a short period of time, the search for these “iconic” pieces has become obsessive.


The Fast Fashion Industry

Fast fashion has developed to a point in which, basically, the quality is not even considered. Chains like Zara, Primark, Bershka and such have been called out by customers multiple times, given the fact that their products have significant flaws, extremely low quality and a higher price every year. The fast fashion industry has reached a status in which the top players (mentioned above) started to develop a strong brand identity in order to “cover” or better “nullify” the lack of quality of their products.



As known by many, influencers are the new and biggest form of online marketing, especially in the fashion field. Not considering their profit, which is insane, the main problem related to the whole subject would definitely be the fact that running an influencer marketing campaign is hard to monitor. In fact, just because a popular Instagram model posted a picture of your product, doesn’t mean that people will actually click on the link or buy it. Therefore, the whole thing (unless properly done) is a big black hole that many still see as a gold mine.



To Conclude

Even if the fashion industry rapidly developed in the last couple of years, the qualities which always separated a bad fashion brand from a top-level one should be taken into consideration, given the fact that this is what the fashion industry needs at the moment: quality.

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