What your business can do to make a good local impression

Successful businesses today often do more than offer desired
services or sell quality products. They must build a positive public image, and
one way to accomplish this is by proactively supporting your local community in
various ways. With the growing concern about the health of the environment,
your business can understandably make a great impression on the community by
going green through strategic steps. These are some of the thoughtful ideas that
may be applicable to your business and community.

Participate in Recycling Initiatives

Regardless of the type of business that you run, you likely
generate a considerable amount of waste through your regular work activities.
For example, in a restaurant, this waste may include food scraps, food
containers and wrappers, paper and plastic dining ware waste and more. You can
implement a new recycling program in your workplace or otherwise actively
participate in an established community recycling program.

Implement a Water Conservation Program

Many people are increasingly aware of how important water
conservation is, and there are several steps that you can take to conserve
water and to reduce pollution that enters the public water supply. For example,
you can harvest rainwater that can be used for landscaping purposes, to clean
work trucks and more. A large company may even invest in its own water
treatment equipment. By doing so, you can reduce your water bill and save a
substantial amount of money regularly. You can also collect hazardous waste so
that it does not enter the public sewage system plants. Chemical
fertilizers and pesticides may be replaced for organic or natural alternatives.

Invest in Solar or Green Energy

Another idea is to produce most or all of the energy that
your facility needs by investing in renewable energy production. For example,
installing solar panels on your roof or using wind turbines may be effective
depending on your energy needs as well as your business location’s climate.
Keep in mind that renewable energy requires an upfront financial investment,
but you can recoup that cost through energy savings going forward.

While you may want to go green for your own peace of mind,
it makes sense to publicize your efforts as well. Your employees may appreciate
working for a conscientious company, and you may find it easier to recruit top
talent to work for you. More than that, your customers may appreciate the fact
that you are supporting the community and that you care about its residents.
Use social media, product packaging and other outlets to let others know about
your efforts.

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