Wearing When You Fly

What You Should Be Wearing When You Fly

While comfort is generally our primary concern when travelling (particularly during long flights), throwing in a bit of fashion into the mix is not impossible. You can look both stylish and feel totally at ease when going to your vacation, and if you know the right clothing tricks you’ll enjoy yourself thoroughly. Wondering which garments will work? Let us give you a few suggestions!


Urban chic

For a modern, urban style you can’t go wrong with jeans, but you might wish to avoid a skinny cut and stick to stretchy, straight leg trousers. If you couple this with a simple white top, or maybe a striped black-and-white tee, and then throw a leather jacket over it you’ll definitely be rocking a cool, edgy chic vibe. Pick a pair of Chelsea boots or maybe some red ballet flats and wear a pair of sunglasses and you’ll look like a celebrity returning home after filming her hottest blockbuster.

If you want to wear jewellery, we recommend to keep it minimal, especially because you’ll have to take it off to pass all the security checks. So, a long necklace or a slim bracelet and nothing more. Some minimal makeup is totally okay if you want to look more done-up.


Sporty casual

This is, hands down, the most comfortable option out there, and it really helps that it’s currently super trendy. Athleisure is still wildly popular on all the runways, and the style isn’t showing any signs of stopping, so it’s a great idea for any gal who’s looking to simply enjoy her flight, knowing she looks effortlessly good. The best thing about athleisure? It lets you wear leggings! A slim pair of black leggings is extremely versatile and feels like you’re wearing nothing on your body, and if you pair it with an oversized pink hoodie you’ll feel all snug and stylish at the same time. A cool pair of kicks is a must, so pick some cute Nike shoes to match your hoodie and you won’t have to bother with high heels or achy feet at all.

This can be accessorized with a sporty waist bag to keep your essentials inside, and you can again put some sunglasses on or pick a baseball cap to finish off the look. Add some tinted lip balm to your lips, tie your hair into a ponytail, and you’re done!


Feminine romance

You can absolutely look pretty and feminine even on a plane, and to pull it off all you need is a comfy dress or a long midi skirt. Pick a casual gown made of jersey or cotton, or a long maxi dress, and then throw a denim jacket over it and wear it with ballet flats or maybe some Oxford shoes for a preppy look. If you want a skirt, pair it with a slim, comfy turtleneck if you’re travelling somewhere cold, or a breezy, loose blouse if you tend to always get sweaty on the plane.

A pair of small hoop earrings is more than enough accessorizing than you need, and you can pull your hair into a cute messy bun and leave a few strands of hair hanging out in a cheeky way. To finish off the look, use a silky scarf to tie it around your head or wear it around your neck because it can always be used as a pillow later on.


Professional elegance

Sometimes you’re travelling for work, and you want to make sure you look professional every step of the way. If you’re trying to impress a client or simply want to feel polished and capable, opt for gaucho pants or wide-leg trouser suit, but make sure that the fabric has some stretch to it. Basically, a touch of Lycra in there will keep it from creasing up and making you look all frumpy and messy. You can always pair this with a simple button-down shirt, but again, if you think creasing will be the issue, pick a simple cotton tank top. Don’t think it works? Well, tuck it inside your pants, throw a blazer over it, and then check out the result! You can also switch out your blazer for a cardigan.

Oxford shoes are a great option for this outfit, but you can also pick a pair of leather slide-on shoes, especially if you don’t want to bother with too many laces or clasps when you’re passing the security. With a slim belt, a simple pendant necklace, and a wristwatch to finish it off, you’ll have a very sharp-looking outfit on your hands!

One tip before we go: wear comfortable undergarments. That can be a real game-changer on long flights, and it’s definitely something to bear in mind when putting together an outfit. Now, pack your suitcase and enjoy your trip!

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