What happens when the party is over?

I’d be willing to place a bet that you have experienced that sinking feeling, when the fun & festivities are over after the Christmas break, and the return to work is impending… you’re struggling to find the motivation to get back into the swing of things and you lack the enthusiasm to return to work. We’ve all been there! So how do you spark the joy and re-ignite your excitement to get back to business and work in the new year?

Some of the tips I have found that have helped me and my clients are:

  1. Celebrate your achievements

Look back over the last year and what you have achieved. Break it down and
try to identify your top 3-5 achievements in both business/career as well as
personal achievements. Once you realise you have achieved some pretty great things,
you will start feeling that excitement again and be motivated to step up again
this year.

Some personal examples might be that you renovated your house, connected
better with friends, cleaned out your garage, or competed in a sporting event. Some
business or career examples might be that you hired a new team member, got a
great performance review, a new qualification, or you increased your net profit.

Celebrate your achievements, regardless of how big or small.

  • What has been your biggest “Aha”

Take a moment to reflect and think about where you are now and what
learnings you have realised. Was there a moment when you stopped and said “Aha!”
(either out loud or metaphorically) and realised that in fact you were doing
better than you thought you would be? Did you achieve a big goal that you didn’t
think you would? Maybe you found your perfect career or dream position, and sat
back proudly with that accomplishment of knowing “I did it”. Or maybe you realised
there was a gap in your learning and took proactive steps to bridge the gap? “Aha”
moments should be positive or proactive… Perhaps you didn’t have that moment at
all (if not, that’s OK!). In line with thinking about your achievements, take a
minute to think about what might “aha” moments come to mind. Acknowledging what
was, what is and what can be, is a critical part of helping you to look forward
with a prosperous mindset.

  • What needs to change in 2019?

What Top 3-5 things need to change, to bring you closer to your goals
this year? Delve deep and understand what changes are needed – physically,
mentally, a change in routine, change in habits, change in actions? If you want
to want to get fit and eat healthier food, what barriers are in your way? What
needs to change so that you can actually follow through?

In relation to business, perhaps you need a better marketing plan, more
stable and leveraged business model, or maybe you need to recruit a new team
member? If you’re really unhappy in your job, maybe you want to pursue a new
career? What needs to change?

When considering your goals, it’s important to assess the changes
required. Some goals are simpler like you want to clean out the study, or start
meditating daily. Maybe you want to start new hobby or reduce your use of plastic.
But where there are bigger or more complicated goals, try to plan around any
foreseeable obstacles so that you can push through the change and create better
habits for greater success.

  • What gives you the most amount of
    joy in your life (and how can you do more of that?)

This point is so, so important. If you’re not
loving what you’re doing in your business or career, are unhappy in your
relationship, or don’t like where you spend your time, you are in power of changing

Think about what gives you the greatest joy
(and what doesn’t!) and work towards doing more of the things you love and less
of the things you don’t. Life should be enjoyable and it’s important to have
balance in all areas of your life, and not waste a second longer doing things
that don’t ignite passion and happiness in your life.

  • Take a look at where you are now

I use the model of the ‘Wheel of Life’ to assess my situation and it gives me a clear visual picture of how things are now and helps me to ascertain what I need to do to improve areas of my life.

In taking a rounded and holistic look at your life
– split into the areas of health, fun & recreation, career, money, personal
growth, romance, friends and family and environment – go ahead and score
yourself in each area. Now mark again where you’d like to be at the end of the
year. Can you identify one goal that you’d like to achieve in each area?

  • Assess your business or career

Whether you own your own business or have a career, I always like to assess this category on its own as let’s face it, most of us spend a considerable amount of our lives working.

Take a look at each area of the ‘Business Wheel of Life’ and observe what you’re excelling at, and what needs improvement. These are just some of the areas that people struggle with the most.

  • Act!

Once you’ve looked at your wheels of life, what
action can you do each month, each week or even each day, to move closer
towards that goal?

It doesn’t matter what the bite size pieces
look like, you must identify what consistent actions you can do to move closer
towards your goals. Success (generally) doesn’t happen overnight!

Write down your goals and actions, share them,
put them somewhere that others can see so they too can help you achieve them (this
will increase your chances of achieving them).

In my own experiences in life, sport and my profession as a business coach, if you regularly track where you are, assess what’s working and what’s not working, set goals, keep them close and plan ahead, you will constantly feel re-ignited with your vision and feel excited about what’s to come.

Copywriting Credits: Renee Jongsma

Image Credits: Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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