What E-Commerce owners need to know about visual product search

Shopping has always been a visual matter. The visual appeal of the product and the store play important roles in whether the buyer would complete a purchase. And as shopping treads the path to e-commerce, visual elements are also becoming a major aspect to be considered.

One of the trends that we see right now that concerns e-commerce is the growing popularity of visual search. While keyword-based search is still the dominant option, there is an undeniable improvement in the usage of visual product search.

Visual search is when a shopper to search for similar products on an e-commerce site. They get photos by taking a picture on a physical store, by downloading a photo of the desired product, or through a designated app.


What is the Shoppers’ Perspective on Visual Product Search?

Visual product search is gaining popularity primarily because it offers benefits that are very helpful for the modern-day shopper. On top of these benefits is making matches more efficient than through textual search. It is a lot challenging to describe products, especially when you something very specific in mind. There’s color, size, style, and other attributes that are sometimes very difficult to put in words. It is best to use a photo instead.

Visual Product Search also maximizes the features of smartphones, a channel that is getting the larger share of online sales. Offering functionalities that improve the user experience of your shoppers equip you with the ability to maximize your sales.

Finally, visual product search is a welcomed development that continues to make e-commerce an improving way to shop, ensuring that the future is bright for this, and shoppers can expect a lot more to come.


What are the Benefits of Visual Product Search for your Brand?

There’s a lot of ways you can do to increase your e-commerce conversion rates and one of it is the growing usage of visual product search, players in the e-commerce business should try to tap it and maximize the benefits that they offer for them.

Here are some ways on how offering visual product search can benefit your e-commerce brand:

Increased social sales

Social media sites are not only being used as marketing platforms but are slowly becoming a sales channel of their right. Studies are confirming that social media is the preferred channel for Generation Z, which is becoming a shopping force to put much effort. It is important for you to tap this channel to your advantage.

Visual product search can help you improve your social sales as it will help your shoppers find their desired products as compared to searching through keywords. It is really difficult to put certain product attributes in words; it is a lot easier to search using a photo instead. But this would do no help if the system cannot return accurate results. Thankfully, social media sites are finding the need to provide this feature too, which means that there is no reason why you shouldn’t tap it on your end.


Effectively Tapping the Spearfishers

Among the many types of shoppers are the spearfishers – those shoppers who know from the beginning what they want to buy before they look for options. Spearfishers are different from shoppers who have a vague idea of what they want to buy and end up just browsing through your product gallery.

Since spearfishers know what they want to buy, they do not need to go through your product gallery, but would most likely use the search function of your e-commerce site. But again, it is textual search not always very dependable. It is therefore essential to provide spearfishers with an easy way to search, and visual product search may be the best one yet. As spearfishers have done their research, they would have a product image, may this be done by checking out stores, or by going online. They can search your store for this product, and using photos to do so is about the most efficient way to do it to date.


Improved Understanding of your Customers

Product search is a great way to know what is on the mind of your customers. Through product searches, you would know what products they’re looking for, and this can tell you what products you can potentially make a lot of sales. But again, textual product search can be very vague – not only for your customers but also for you.

In as much as it is difficult for them to describe what products they’re looking for in words, it would be even more difficult for you to work around their descriptions to understand what exactly they’re looking.

But with the help of visual product search, you would be able to obtain photos of actual products that your customers are looking. You will have a collection of not vague suggestions, but of actionable recommendations. To showcase your products and strengthen your brand with powerful product images here’s a guide to product photography that makes an impact.

Offering them what they want is a great way to make a lot of sales. Offering what they desire can do to make a difference in how you try to understand your customers better than you could have ever done so far.


Is Visual Product Search Going to Replace Textual Search?

Meanwhile, while we realize how advantageous tapping visual product search is, it does not mean that textual search would be gone. As an e-commerce site owner, you should offer the options that your customers can take. Both textual and visual product searches have their role in e-commerce, and both should work hand-in-hand in enabling online shoppers to find the product that they want to buy.

Textual product search may have its shortcomings, but it doesn’t mean that photos would be the only way to search. The future of e-commerce points to the direction where both textual and visual product search can be used to complement each other, and not where one cannibalizes the other.

With that, make certain that you work on improving your grasp of both textual and visual product search.

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