We love Pinterest, here’s why

Are you a fan of Pinterest?

Pinterest is so much more than a visual search network these days. It’s not only where we house all our fantastic training in-house, but it also brings a huge amount of traffic to our site. So we hang out there quite a bit!

One of our Premium Members, Ainsley, will be holding an online event soon on Pinterest and we can’t wait, as it’s such an incredible untapped tool for traffic.

The team at Soar Collective have built an impressive account on Pinterest, featuring a huge collection of content that is updated daily. We’ve grouped together boards on topics that interest our readers like blogging, WordPress, Etsy, Facebook, Canva, Email Marketing & even Affiliate Marketing – which of course is another great way to make money using platforms like Pinterest

It’s the perfect place to get a quick training on any of these topics.

To get there, simply visit our profile and head to the Boards page.

Want to contribute to our boards? Awesome, simply reply to this email and let us know which board, and what your email address is and we’ll invite you as a Contributor.


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