Want to improve your relationship stronger? Learn how

There are many ways to improve a relationship. People may not look at dirty talk as one of these ways, but that is exactly what it can accomplish.

A great sex life includes many different. Most people concentrate on the physical aspect of sex. There is nothing wrong with that. It is possible to get a lot of enjoyment out of that part. The physical connection is also an important part of any relationship. But, like many things, the physical part is not the only thing that a couple can enjoy.

Many couples work so hard on the physical part, they feel like they have little time for anything else. If they took some time to learn how to add in a little dirty talk, they may find it makes the physical part even better. It may not only improve the sex act, but it may also make the relationship stronger.



What is Dirty Talk?

Men and women are often taught that sex is dirty. It is not something you should talk about. While it is true that bragging about your sexual conquests in public is never a good idea, it does not mean that you should never talk about sex. The dirty talk gives you a chance to express your feelings while you have sex.

Dirty talk comes in many different forms. It can be simple things like “That makes me feel so good” or it can be more explicit words directing a partner what to do like: “Faster, harder”. It is all about finding the words that let your partner know what is happening to your body and how it makes you feel. There are plenty of ways that dirty talk improves your sex life.


Finding New Things to Try in Bed

People may not want to admit it, but there are times when sex gets old. Doing the same thing with the same person in the same room can become boring. One way to change that is by adding new things to your sex life. The question that people have to answer is what new things they can add. That is where dirty talk can come into play.

If you can let your partner know that he/she is doing something you really like, you can shout it out in the middle of sex. You can encourage them to do it even more with a few dirty words. You can also invite them to do something that you want, but that they did not know you wanted. Imagine telling your partner to pinch your nipples while having sex. They may never have thought about it until you said it. That allows them to act upon it. From the first time you have sex, experimentation is a key to having fun. Talking dirty can help with that.


The Brain’s Role in Dirty Talk

People think about the physical part of sex, but there is more going on in the body during sex. The brain is also running a million miles an hour and plays a big role in how much pleasure a person feels.

The brain can play a big role in how to dirty talk happens and how it makes a person feel. Men and women are taught about the idea of good girls and bad girls. Parents want their children to always be a good girl, and the girls want to please their parents. Talking dirty can go against the idea of what a good girl is. The brain does not want to engage in dirty talk because of this perception. It can cause a person to repress themselves instead of expressing themselves during sex.

The males also know about the idea of good girls and bad girls. They may talk about how they want to find a good girl, but they get excited at the thought of being with a bad girl. Engaging in dirty talk is the sign of a bad girl and excites the men to a new level.

The problem is learning how to perform dirty talk. Adult chat sites are a great way to practice. There is less judgment about the words you use through these sites. If someone doesn’t like it, they disconnect you. There is always someone else to try with.

To get really good at dirty talk, find chat sites outside of your comfort zone. This may mean turning to lesbian chat sites or other types of chat sites that put you with people you may not otherwise think about. It can teach you not only how to talk dirty, but may also give you new ideas of how to pleasure yourself and your partner.


Great Outlet for Your Feelings

Couples often struggle to tell their partner the way they feel. This happens inside and outside of the bedroom. They worry about what their partner will think of them if they did express the way they feel all the time. The bedroom is not the place to hide how you feel. That can inhibit the things you do and can limit the amount of pleasure you allow yourself to feel.

Talking dirty is all about letting go of your inhibitions. It is about saying things without worrying what others will think. It is about letting yourself not only experience the pleasure from sex but also to let the world know you enjoy what you are doing and that you are not a bad girl or a guy because of it.

One thing to realize about dirty talk is that there are no wrong things to say. While there are some words or expressions that may not fit the moment, everything you say or scream out is a learning experience. It is a chance to learn what makes you feel good during sex.


Seeing Your Partner in a New Way

Dirty talk affects all the people involved in sex. It is not only about providing the pleasure of the person doing the talking. It can provide pleasure to anyone that can hear it.

That leads to one of the most important parts of the dirty talk. As much as it is about expressing the way you feel, it is also about listening to what your partner says. The words of the partner can provide even more excitement. They may say things about what you are doing to them that you had no idea of before. It is common for people to get as much pleasure from the way their partner feels as they do from the way sex makes them feel.

There is nothing taboo about the dirty talk between consenting adults. Instead of looking at it as something weird or strange, it is better to look at all it provides. It adds pleasure, it helps you learn more about yourself and your partner and it keeps sex fresh and exciting. No matter how old you are, whether you are a man or a woman, that is always a good thing.

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