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Walking Holidays to Ease the Stress

That much-needed holiday is approaching, the one time in the year when you get to forget the rigours of work and daily life and get away from it all. We all work long hours under a great deal of stress, and we take it home with us, too. It’s hard to get away from what is expected of you at the desk, and it makes it so much easier to get stressed and anxious. That’s why you are looking forward to your holiday, and the chance it offers to wind down and relax. If you are like most people, you are likely thinking of a beach, the sun, the sea and what normally comes with a holiday at a typical beach destination. That’s all great, and is a get away from it all option, but does it do you any good? You probably sit around all day at work, so why are you planning to do the same when you go on holiday? There are many other ways to spend your holiday time – some that are active yet surprisingly relaxing. For example, have you considered a walking holiday?


Why Walking is Good for You

A hard day at work means a lot of thinking and mental effort, and that can be as tiring as a whole day of activity. That’s why it’s important to think about what you really want from your holiday. Why are we suggesting a walking holiday? There are many reasons: first, walking is very good for you in terms of exercise, especially if you spend most of your working day sitting at a desk.

A walking holiday also gives you the opportunity to get out into the world, and to enjoy fresh air and nature. Plus, it means you can enjoy a break from the drudgery of your daily world, and experience a wealth of culture and history that may be new to you. This sort of experience is not just good for you physically, but will also give your mind a refresh, and help you to relax. Are you still convinced you should book a beach holiday? Let us show you a few examples of rewarding and exciting walking holidays.


Where to Go Walking

So, where do you go to enjoy the best and most mesmerizing walking holidays? The great thing is we are blessed with some spectacular scenery across the world, and some of it is surprisingly close to home. Here are a few examples of great places to go walking.

The Amalfi Coast, in Italy, is very popular for walking holidays, as it offers a great selection of routes, plenty of variety and is home to landscapes of unequalled beauty. This glorious part of Europe is second to none when it comes to being entrancing. Take note we are talking about the rural Amalfi region – a world away from the jet-setting destinations that have become the chosen place for those with money to burn – and here you will find splendour in glorious lemon groves and quaint unspoilt country towns and villages full of charm.

If history is your thing, and a tranquil location with glorious weather appeals, then you might want to check out Greece. It may not be the first country that springs to mind when considering a walking holiday, but Greece is party to some of the most amazing hiking routes in all of Europe, and history and culture abounds along the way. With routes suitable for all levels of walking experience, this is a place to go if you want to take a serious break from everyday life and enjoy a walk in the stunning scenery around you.

For culture and historical significance, take a look at the Camino de Santiago in the northern reaches of wonderful Spain. Winding through varied terrain, this stunning collection of routes – each terminating at the amazing cathedral of Santiago de Compostela – follows the paths taken by pilgrims in days gone by, who took the trail to the cathedral where it is said the remains of St James the Great, one of the Apostles, are laid to rest. Some of the trails were first walked more than 1000 years ago, and remain very much as they were – unspoilt, beautiful, and rich in historical, cultural and religious significance.


Planning Your Walking Holiday

A walking holiday really is the ideal way to get away from everything you are used to in your daily life, and whether you are going it alone, with your partner or as part of a group, the above destinations – and there are many more – make an ideal choice.

You will need to take care in ensuring you have accommodation booked for night-time stops, and that you have everything in place in terms of the supplies you need for walking, but we strongly recommend you consider this as the best form of relaxation and enjoyment for both body and mind.

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