More Visitors to Your Website - More Sales

More Visitors to Your Website – More Sales

We all want more people to view our message to enable more sales. First are your products best-sellers? Are they what customers are looking for? Is there a suitable range to bring them back for more?

Supposing your products are aimed at golfers, do they take people from beginner level with products to develop their skills as they progress with their hobby? Is there a strong desire for your products not just a need? People buy on emotions more than needs, sell the benefits!

Do you point out the benefits rather than the facts about your offers, do you paint a compelling picture of how your audience can be helped. Are you passionate about what your products can do to help them. If you are luke-warm it will come over in your sales message. Be enthusiastic at all times, you want your products talked about by your customers and to get them to recommend others.

Always find products for your “hungry crowd”, not the other way round. Don’t find products and hope people will like them. Make sure the products fit your list of customers. Look for your audience where they hang out. If you were passionate about motor bikes, you would meet others at rallies and “biking meet-ups”.

There are many ways of advertising Facebook, Bing, YouTube, Google, Forums and guest blogging. Different methods suit different products, choose two or three that appeal to you, learn all about them before testing others. Don’t spread your time too thinly half-learning many and not mastering any, concentrate on a few until you master them, and keep testing their success.

Don’t get bogged down with information overload, have a plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to progress to. Have a planned time-scale. Build a list of happy customers with a good autoresponder and communicate often. It is much better to keep existing customers happy and build your recommendations and repeat orders, than to be continually searching for more customers.

Maybe you are just starting out in the online world or need some help? The simplest way to start online is with the help and guidance of a coach and mentor. Your coach will provide a range of excellent products and marketing training meaning you can concentrate on learning tasks in the right order. You will have help at hand and can earn commissions as you develop your techniques. It makes an exciting new hobby which can be developed into a part or full-time business. There are many millionaires and many part-timers in the industry.

Enjoy your new venture and have a great year developing it!

Books to help you find customers:

“SEO Step by Step” by Caimin Jones Simple tips

“Profitable social Media Marketing” by Tim Kitchen and Tashmeem Mirza

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