7 Amazing Advantages of Using Video Content in your Marketing

7 Amazing Advantages of Using Video Content in your Marketing

Generally speaking, it’s no secret that video content is important and has become increasingly popular. It’s thought that traffic generated from videos will account for at least 80% of all the traffic online by next year. That’s quite a sobering statistic to take on board. However, if you are still wondering how utilising video content marketing for your business will benefit, you’ve come to the right place.

In the following post, we will outline some of the main advantages of using video content.

Attention Grabbing

Compared to other forms of content, it has been proven time and time again that video content attracts consumer attention better. Content marketing as it stands is a highly competitive field. Customers face a bombardment of content to view and spend their valuable time watching or reading. Therefore, the more captivating your content is, the more likely they will devote time to it.

Clear Demonstrations of Products or Services

When you are promoting a new service or product for your business, you should give some serious consideration to making a video all about how it can be used or how it works. Animated videos, in particular, are a great way to make your content stand out and present your consumers with a hassle-free way to learn about your products or services, that often will convert into sales.

Improved Optimization

It can be hard to calculate how much of a blog post your visitors actually read. It may have been that they only looked at the first two paragraphs or that they skipped to the last one. Did they go on to share it with friends? It is much harder to measure counts for all these things when it comes to text-based content

With video content, on the other hand, you can measure easily the number of times they have watched it. the click-through rates and even the point in a video where they stopped watching it.

Increased Open and Click Through Rates

You have spent a long time working an email marketing campaign and give your target audience all the information they really need, but do you actually know if they will open and read it? Will it actually work for your business the way you intended it to?

Using video content is a great way to boost the efforts of email marketing. Even using just, the word video in an email subject line can increase the number of people that open and click through to the content.

Improved SEO

When you feature video content on your site you can increase the duration each visitor spends on it. The longer users spend on your site, the more they will begin to trust your business, its products, services and branding. It also helps to build trust up from search engine’s point of view and indicates to them that your site is one full of valuable quality content.

You are more likely to rank highly in Google searches if you have video content embedded on your site. Furthermore, as Google owns YouTube, this enhances the positive effect having video content on your site can have on your rankings on Google.

Trust and Emotional Connection with Your Audience

The goal of any marketing campaign is really to establish a long-term relationship based on trust with your target audience. Trust is at the heart of any successful marketing campaign and video content marketing can more successful and trustworthy relationships with your consumers that other forms of content can’t.

Video can evoke emotions more powerfully than other content and enables you to incorporate music, facial expressions and different tones of voice. These are things that are impossible to do as successfully with written or still image content.

Greater Number of Conversions

By far the biggest advantage of using video content in your marketing is that it converts. Simple as that. Video marketing not only converts, but it can also actually lead directly onto sales. Take explainer videos, for instance, it is thought that around 74% of people who viewed explainer videos actually went onto purchase the product the videos were about.

As you can see, if you are sitting there wondering if you should or shouldn’t consider using video to improve your marketing campaigns and your site in general, the answer is simple. You should. However, not everyone is great at creating interesting and captivating video content that actually converts to leads and sales or business.

If you feel you lack the skills necessary though, you should work with a reputable and highly skilled video content agency. Let someone with expertise in video creation take care of it for you and you are bound to experience the benefits.

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