Useful Ways to Increase Click-Throughs in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Of all the diverse marketing strategies that entrepreneurs have tried over the years to make their businesses viable and increase their financial gains and make profits reach or even exceed their margins, Email Marketing is still one of the most powerful. Online business owners who use emails as a powerful tool to send their message across to their prospective clients find this marketing technique really very effective.

But marketers have to be very keen about this marketing campaign because most emails may have been opened by a great number of audiences, this actually a good sign, but what is far better than the emails being read are the click- through rates generated from interested email recipients. However, gaining a high click-through rate is really very challenging and there are actually tips on how to escalate the number of clicks your email marketing campaigns could achieve:

  • The very first thing that online businesses should focus on is about the improvement of the email open rates before recipients could actually visit the business page. Some of the very vital elements to achieve high email open rates are:
  • Writing a captivating or attention-grabbing subject lines for the email will compel recipients to click on because of the interesting subject indicated in the email
  • Keeping the email list well-targeted is another essential thing
  • Send people emails or newsletters that they are interested to read about; great and highly-optimised content would create a strong impact to recipients.
  • Based on recent studies that being able to integrate a social sharing option could rev up click-through rates by as much as 30% and adding more social sharing option would greatly generate more than 55% click-throughs from email marketing campaigns. The rationale behind this concept is that the actual recipient might not be interested initially, but by adding social sharing options they would be able to share the current perks and promotions about your business to some of their interested friends.
  • Go straight to the point and avoid misleading words or generic links like “Our Facebook Page” or “our Social Media Page” when you can indicate the actual name of your business’ social media page in the emails. This will avoid confusion for the recipients of the email marketing campaign ads and recipients would have a much clearer idea where you are leading them to.
  • Each email campaign should always be targeted; this simply means that email campaigns should not be flooded with a lot of links. Email marketing campaigns will be more effective in directing recipients to a specific place by using a specific link for every email they send.
  • Perform some A/B Testing in your email marketing campaigns to ensure that your emails are being utilised to effectively bring in some click- throughs and escalate the rate. Remember that the higher the click-through rates reached, the better the chances there are for customer engagement; this will help maximise the online business’ potentials to improve the sales rate as well as the profit.

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