Use Instagram actively to see the impact on social media marketing

Why choose Instagram amongst so many social media sites when it’s not that old and yet not many users as Facebook have. Well, that’s because of the high progress of Instagram with an increasing number of active users, increasing attention from online marketers, and its power to send more and more traffic to your website. But how is this all happening suddenly in such a flow with this 8-year-old site that is still a baby compared to Facebook, Twitter and all such already established social media giants?


History of Instagram

Instagram started in the 6th of October in 2010. And after two months of launch, it already had a million users. Initially, it was available only for the iPhone users. Gradually it became available for all smartphone users. And now it has almost 1 billion users active worldwide.


What is Instagram?

Instagram is primarily a mobile app. It’s a picture sharing app. And it’s used on smartphones to capture and share pictures immediately through the phone. Surprisingly Instagram is not used for desktop uploading of pictures, although you can comment on pictures, share and like pictures, etc. on the desktop website of Instagram. But the main job of uploading images while applying filters and hashtags as needed is done from mobile only. This makes IG a mobile-friendly and mobile-specific social media app.


Connect to people through hashtags

When you denote an image on your Instagram post with one or more hashtags, you associate that post to that cause, group, and niche. If you add the tag #love, then people searching for #love will always find your post enlisted among the many other posts of the site with this same tag. And you can associate 30 such tags to a post, and therefore get 3 opportunities to associate with causes and groups thereby making your exposure 3 times stronger.

Instagram gives you the analyzing tool in the profile settings section. And through this tool, you can understand some important things. You can see which hashtags have what kind of demand. You can plan the use of hashtags from this data. You can see which posts of yours are the most popular, the views your posts are getting, public reaction to the posts in shares, likes, etc. And these things help you understand the reaction, and accordingly alter your marketing attempts.


Driving traffic to your website

Instagram is one such social media platform which drives traffic to your website wonderfully though highly targeted images. Images with a hashtag, when seen by interested viewers, trigger them to like the images, and share the post. Also many become your followers. And this process leads many of them to your profile section, and a click your link can drive them to your website and get you the traffic. That is the motto of online marketers working on Instagram. They want people to get lured by your posts such that they will automatically come to your profile section, find the website link to the biofield, and click on it. And the main reason you can influence people so well through Instagram posts is the visual stimulation you create.


Visually stimulating your audience

Instagram is a picture sharing social media site helps in visually stimulating the viewers. People who are seeing your posts are discovering all about you through colorful or vivid imagery. And this can impact the brain much faster than a descriptive video or 5 pages of textual content. Video, sound, text, all take a backseat before clear image. A plain image enters the mind fastest, gets registered the fastest, gets understood the fastest, and one reacts to image much deeper and faster than all other forms of media. Hence with an IG post, you create such stunning influence on the viewers, which is not possible through other media as good as IG. And here Instagram wins. You can create the effect, and make people read your text messages too embedded in an image, and get public reactions.


Tell your story and create an impression

People are interested in learning and listening to stories about a brand or business which they take an interest in. How the business came to form, how things took shape, how you started working, how the initial struggles gave in way to success, what you learned from your failures, how business events took place, how you arranged the infrastructure, how things and wings added up to the business gradually, and more such things can be told to people in the form of your exclusive business insider stories. And when you tell these stories in the form of pictures, which means a graphical representation of the storyline, then things can be much more interesting than a boring piece of text of several paragraphs and pages.

And when you create this story, you aid in branding. Visual telling of a story helps in faster branding than all other approaches. And Instagram, therefore, can be a brilliant partner in branding effectively.


Likes and shares

Liking and sharing posts on Instagram enhances your visibility. And sometimes business account holders buy likes from services like VVSlikes to show before other users that they already have a good amount of likes on their posts, which makes the account look strong, popular, and quite attended. And this helps you gather more likes and more attention due to the already gathered real likes. Sharing of posts are also highest on those who get more likes.



The magic and fever of Instagram are everywhere. The easy access to the app on the go from the mobile phone, and the ability to capture a photo anytime anywhere, and directly sent it online via the app, makes it a virally popular app amongst the global users. Photographers, businesses, common man, students, teenagers and all are in this Instagram fever for all the right reasons. And you will be able to make the most out of social media marketing when you start using Instagram actively and regularly.

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