Upsells Drive Larger Conversions from Existing Buyers

If upsells are relevant, priced right, and something the customer needs, most of your customers are going to buy the upsell. That’s why it’s important to use upsells to drive larger conversions from existing buyers to boost your conversions and bottom line.


Frequently Bought Together Suggestions

One way to drive larger conversions is to tell your existing buyers about the different things people usually buy together. So, for example, if you offer a course about journaling, why not also offer them a journal that they can buy for doing that type of journaling. If it’s a print journal you can give them one every year.


Upgrade Your Purchase by Adding Features

Some products are easy to add features to. Each feature needs to offer a benefit that you can define clearly. For example, if you are selling software, it’s easy to offer an upgrade. If you’re offering a physical product, you need to offer the upgrade before they finish their purchase.


Offer Extended Service or Warranties

If you build websites, one way to extend your relationship with your customers is to offer hosting, security maintenance, and/or ongoing SEO services. If you sell a physical product, offer service solutions or warranties to your buyers. These are great ways to boost conversions and make more money from each customer but also add value to your offerings.


Show Similar Items You Sell to Them

If you sell similar items that your customers may like, always show these to them when they’re looking at or have just purchased something else. This is an effective way to get them to purchase more.


Offer Impulsive Choices

One way to increase buys is to discount offers a lot that your buyers can add to their main purchase right in the shopping cart. A good rule of thumb is the add-ons should be priced less than the main purchase. Shoot for about 50% to 60% less so that they see the value.


Show Them the Win

Buyers want to feel as if they won something rather than bought something. If you make it feel like a prize instead of a purchase, they’re going to be much more likely to want to buy. Make them feel like a VIP and make your special offers only for your customers. Make sure they see the advertisements at the regular price using retargeting too.


Offer them the Upgrade at the Right Time

Each audience is different, but you know your customers best. Test different options so that you will get to know the best way to make offers to your customers. Offering an upgrade at just the right time will make a huge difference in getting them to choose to buy more.


Study Your Existing Customers

Get to know who your buyers are. Invite them to a private Facebook group as a benefit of becoming your customer. That way you can test out various offers and wording with them in person.


Engage with Your Existing Customers

Within the groups, really engage with your customers in a way that makes a difference. Don’t always focus on selling. Focus on engagement and getting to know their deepest, darkest secrets and feelings about your industry and niche. Turn them into your fan and they’ll tell others about you.

The very best targets to attract with your offers are your existing customers. Learn everything you can about them, talk to them, engage with them and then create upgrades, upsells, and cross-sells with them in mind. You’ll increase your conversions and the lifetime value of every customer.

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