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Our body – The Real Leader

Few may dare to admit this out loud but how often do you override the need to pee while you are working? We all know the feeling. We are working away and then our body begins to speak. Yes, it’s time to pee “but I just want to finish what I am doing” says the mind, completely dismissing the intelligence of our own body.

The signal we receive from our body that it’s time to pee is actually the completion of quite a complex process involving many muscles, organs, and nerves that work together to tell us that it’s time to go. After our body has been so diligently and silently clearing toxins and wastes, we really should be asking, who are we to think ‘we don’t have time’?


The Role of the Urinary System

The role of the urinary system is a delicate and beautiful science that is occurring every single day. Its purpose is to remove wastes such as urea, uric acid, and creatinine from the blood to be passed out of the body as urine. This system also helps us to keep a stable balance of glucose, salts, and water in the blood. Often we don’t fully understand what is occurring inside our body because we can’t see it. But the moment our body breaks down we sure do feel it.

We CAN UNDERSTAND how every single part of our body needs to be truly taken care of

and appreciated for the very

important part it plays.

So what happens when we consciously fight the message our body gives us to pee? Well, it doesn’t take much to work out that whenever we override the constant communication our body is giving us that we are placing our body under an unnecessary amount of stress. Every time we are overriding our body’s natural wisdom, we are compromising our health, our wellbeing and therefore the quality of work we are doing. It may only seem small, but as we know, everything affects everything.

So next time you have the urge to pee, stop for a moment and consider the bigger picture and how super important our body actually is.

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