Undeniable health benefits of hot showers

It’s not uncommon that in this modern day and age, we take many simple things in life for granted. For example, indoor running water and having hot water on demand. Everyone will surely agree that there’s rarely anything that can beat the feeling of a long hot shower or a bath at the end of a hard working day.

There are so many benefits of taking hot showers for our skin, mind and body and it’s high time we learn why this is so. Here are several undeniable benefits that a having hot shower can offer.


Lowering stress and tension

If you experience a lot of stress and tension in the course of your day, a hot shower just might be the right solution. It will make your body more relaxed and help you re-energize. Hot showers actually raise your oxytocin levels which improves your mood and lowers your tension and stress. Moreover, if you have a powerful showerhead and massage jets, they will add more pressure and give you a proper massage that will help you relax even more.


Nurturing the skin

Hot shower water will leave your skin unattractively wrinkled, but this actually has a good effect. It makes the skin retain moisture longer and keep it from drying and cracking. Your only concern here is to make sure you don’t get burned.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of cases of hot water burns admitted to hospitals each year and over 90% of them happen at home. This is mostly due to the exposure to water heated to unsafe temperatures. In order to prevent this, you need to reduce the temperature of water delivery from hot taps to the maximum of 43.5 Celsius. Certain pros, as this Sydney-based expert for hot water systems, can do this safely by installing any of the following: a certified thermostatic mixing valve, a tempering valve or a gas water heater with restricted water temperature deliver.


Lowering blood pressure and sugar

If you suffer from high blood pressure and sugar level, hot showers can also be beneficial as they are known to lower both. The mere act of relaxing under hot water will reduce your stress level and blood pressure, as well as help you burn more calories.

Recent studies show that an hour in a hot bath or shower can burn off as many calories as a half-hour walk, and the overall response in blood sugar levels is very similar. In addition, regular daily exposure to hot water for about 20 to 30 minutes may result in a weight loss of about 2.5 pounds a month. This is excellent news if you’re not the active type with a regular gym membership!


Relieving pain and muscle tension

Due to a fast pace of life and loads of daily responsibilities, most adults experience some sort of body pain and muscle stiffness or tension. Even in these cases, a hot shower can work miracles. They have been proven to be very efficient in relieving arthritis symptoms, resolving inflammation and improving overall blood circulation.

Poor blood circulation is one of the main causes of frequent headaches and migraines, so regular hot showers can cause considerable improvements and reduce them to a minimum. Most headaches start due to the narrowing of blood vessels in the head and hot water causes them to dilate so the pressure is alleviated, circulation improved and the pain subsided.

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