Healthier Eating Habits

Uncovering Kitchen Secrets for Healthier Eating Habits

Healthy eating habits are something most of us are trying to adopt. In theory, this sounds super easy, but we all know too well just how difficult it really is. However, don’t despair! There are a few smart kitchen secrets and small upgrades that don’t require too much work on your part, but that will definitely pay off and help you out immensely on your journey towards accepting healthier eating habits. So, let’s not waste any more time – check them out!

Rid your kitchen of unhealthy food

No matter how strong your willpower is, resisting the temptation, or in this case – unhealthy foods – will be practically impossible if you have them lying around your kitchen at arm’s reach. Therefore, you should try to rid your kitchen of all the unhealthy foods and snacks, and replace them with healthy options.

However, simply stuffing your kitchen with various veggies and fruit is not enough. Instead, try to arrange all fruit that doesn’t have to be refrigerated in an eye-catching manner (i.e. create a beautiful fruit basket on your kitchen island or counter) and move all the refrigerated goods up from the bottom shelf, so that they are in your eye-level. This way, you won’t have to go “digging” for healthy food options, but they will be the first thing you see when you open your fridge door. Trust us, it’s a simple trick that definitely does the trick.


Equip your kitchen with the right gadgets

If these gadgets are not already a part of your kitchen setup, it’s high time you go shopping for a kitchen scale, juicer, and blender. These three play a very important role in healthy eating.

A kitchen scale will make measuring your portions much easier and, of course, much more accurate than simply “eyeing it”. With a quality blender, you’ll be able to make healthy smoothies for you and your family in no time; you can also pour the smoothies into popsicle molds and always have a refreshing but healthy treat in your freezer. Finally, having a quality juicer will help you fill your fridge with various fresh and healthy juices, making throwing unhealthy fizzy drinks and sodas out that much easier.

Get the right appliances

Without proper means to prepare and store your healthy meals, your efforts will be pretty much in vain. Therefore, don’t shy away from investing in a high-quality cooktop, oven, and refrigerator. A good cooktop will allow you to sauté, cook and boil things much faster (which is very important for all of us, busy people) while being energy-efficient at the same time. A good oven, especially the double oven range, will also reduce the time needed to prepare a healthy, delicious meal.

Finally, to make sure all the healthy food prepared will be stored properly, find a quality refrigerator. There are a lot of options to choose from on the market, but if you want a fridge that’s energy-efficient, easy to maintain and, most importantly, safe for the environment. You should definitely check out something in the line of this “zero maintenance” refrigeration system, which generates ions that eliminate airborne fungus, bacteria, mold spores, and viruses in the fridge.


Invest in quality cookware

Nonstick cookware and a slow cooker also play a big role in healthy meal prepping. Nonstick cookware allows you to pan-fry or sauté your food with the minimal use of butter or oil. Also, if you’re frying meet, you can avoid using any additional grease by letting the meat fry on its own fat and juices, and then gradually add water until the meat is done. Finally, let all the water evaporate and serve the deliciously tender fried meat.

A slow cooker is another great investment for anyone with a busy schedule. It allows you to fill it with all the ingredients necessary for a particular meal in the morning and have your meal ready and waiting when you come home from work. These are particularly useful for people with small children since they allow them to spend more quality time outdoors with their little ones, while a healthy meal is being prepared back home.

So yes, making such a big change in your daily habits is definitely not a piece of cake – no cake allowed, you’re eating healthy now, remember? However, with the help of some neat tricks and a few well-placed investments, this entire process will become much easier.

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