Transforming a Backyard

Transforming a Backyard into a True Oasis of Relaxation

Regardless of its size, your backyard is meant to be a place of enjoyment and relaxation – a refuge where you can escape the tribulations of daily routines. Unfortunately, many gardens we see lately are actually places people want to get away from. It’s hard to find peace and respite in a garden cluttered with patio furniture, outdoor structures and children’s play equipment scattered all around. If these scenes remind you of someone’s backyard, there’s a backyard transformation project with your name on it.

Remove the clutter

In order to be able to assess your yard and plan further improvements, first, you need to eliminate the clutter. Prune overgrown trees and hedges, relocate children’s toys or simply donate slides and swings if your kids have outgrown them. Throw out or recycle broken and unused furniture, as well as things you don’t see belonging in the yard. If you start your project with a clean slate, you’ll be able to see the elements that it truly needs as well as amenities you’d like to have in order to use the full potential of your yard.


Enjoy the scenery

If you happen to own a home with a backyard view, don’t hesitate to create a space that will allow you to take advantage of it. If you’re optimizing your backyard for a view keep in mind that tall trees and hedges can easily obstruct your effort, if not now, then in a couple of years. In the same way, you don’t want to block the view with unsuitable garden furniture. Your landscaping needs to blend in with the view and the environment, not compete with it.


Provide comfortable seating

While you can sit on upcycled wooden pallets as well, we’re talking about a deep seating set with lounge chairs, loungers and chaise lounges that will really allow you to stretch out and enjoy the birdsong under an umbrella, by the poolside, on a deck or even in an outdoor room. You’re more likely to spend some quality time outside if the seating is comfortable and inviting. The same goes for a patio dining table or even a true hammock strung between two trees or man-made hardpoints.

Landscape smart

Not all landscaping efforts are made equal. Whether you’re using native or more exotic species, plants that are carefully selected to look natural in their setting can set a theme or mood, or even take you back to your favorite vacation spot. In this sense, these current landscape design solutions in Sydney underline that a garden should come to terms with its surroundings, whether leading in features or complying with more prominent elements in the surrounding area. The key is to carefully choose plants that will thrive in your environment.


Add a water feature

As the ‘king’ of backyard water features, a private swimming pool can cool you off, allow you to exercise every morning, as well as give you much-needed relaxation after work with the calming, restorative effect of the water dispersing the stress in an instant. However, if your budget doesn’t allow it, consider a smaller feature like a garden pond, a fountain, or a birdbath. For many homeowners, a hot tub is an optimal solution. Much more affordable than a pool, it satisfies all the relaxing soak needs with water bubbles doing their magic.


Balance with fire

For a perfect balance, but also a complement to the water feature, a fire pit, chiminea or fireplace can instantly add warmth and vigour to your yard, especially in the cooler months or in the evenings. A long fire pit is perfect for poolside entertainment, and with so many models available, a fire pit is easy to integrate into any sitting area, as long it’s kept away from structures, roofs, and wooden elements.


Don’t forget the shade

While an umbrella providers substantial shade, at least for the seating area, somehow the presence of one in a suburban garden evokes images of sandy beaches and vacation resorts. There are much better solutions that fit seamlessly in every garden style and décor. These include gazebos and pergolas, canvas or PVC awnings, arbors with vines growing on them and, of course, trees.

Homeowners often make the mistake of trying to create multiple backyard spaces that in reality only squeeze more mess and clutter in their gardens. Instead, try to create a smaller outdoor oasis close to your home and the surroundings in style and design. Not only will you concentrate your budget more effectively, but you’ll also create a much more enjoyable retreat that is guaranteed to see more days spent outside than that garden-of-all-trades you started with.

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