Top questions that you need to ask an electrical contractor

Whether you are moving into a new house or planning to renovate your old one, we are pretty sure you would require an experienced electrical contractor for an electrical inspection, installation, repair & replacement on your property.

From old wires to electrical fuses, an occasional electrical inspection is a must ensuring the safety and security of your property. Most of the electrical wiring is behind the walls and therefore you can’t see the condition of the wires unless you start facing a severe electrical fault & breakdown.   

Well, listed below are some of the most common questions you need to ask before choosing an electrical contractor for your project :


  • Are your electricians insured?

If you are hiring an electrical contractor make sure they are fully insured and licensed to carry out all kinds of electrical faults and breakdowns for both residential and commercial levels. Ask them for their certificate and make sure you only deal in certified and licensed electrical contractors.

We are sure you would not like to invite an undeserved headache of dealing with injuries of an electrician at a job, right? No worries. Hire an electrical contractor that provides insurance for all its employees on board.


Do you provide electrical emergency service ?

Also, ask an electrical contractor if they offer an electrical emergency service in case of a blackout, short-circuit at night. It is extremely important to get rid of all the queries before making up your final decision.

Imagine yourself slipping under the blanket after a tiring day to an electrical short circuit in the kitchen, well not a pleasant situation, right? You now need an electrical contractor providing electrical emergency service with a quick and efficient repair solution.


  • How long will it take to complete the project?

Apart from money and the kind of electrical service they have to offer, you also need to know an approximate time that will be taken for the completion of the project.

In this busy professional life, choosing an efficient electrical service is a must. Do not hire an electrical contractor that would take ages to complete the project. This will not only disrupt your personal life but also depreciate the quality of work.


  • Do you offer regular training to your electricians?

If you are dealing with licensed electrical contractors, you will be guaranteed with top-notch electrical services. Most of the electricians are provided with a regular training process ensuring good hands-on training for all kinds of electrical faults and breakdown.

Regular training sessions and classes are a part of an everyday chore for a reputed, certified and licensed electrical contractors. Whether you are an amateur electrician or a professional & experienced one, training sessions are a must for all.


  • How long have you been in the business?

Talk about the experience and how long have they been into this business. We understand that no project goes out without any error or loophole, but an experienced electrician will know all the ins and outs for any kind of fault in the process.

Well, choosing the right electrical contractor is crucial. No matter the size of your electrical project, an experienced electrician will handle it with the utmost professionalism. Whether you need a small electrical repair in your office or need to change the whole design, call up Electro Spark Electrical Service for all kinds of electrical services in Sydney.

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