Top Amazon Features

Top Amazon Features for Consumers and How to Get the Most from Them

Amazon is the most popular shopping site in the world, with more than $1 trillion USD in sales in 2017. One of the reasons for this success is the many features they offer to consumers that can connect them with pretty much anything their heart desires. This is done quickly and easily via the most up-to-date technology, and Amazon backs up everything with excellent customer service. Here are just a few of the features Amazon customers love.


Click Ordering and Pre-Sets

Amazon stores your credit card information securely so you can order with just one click. Pre-set your billing address, shipping address/es, and shipping preferences. Choose the 1-click option, or edit as needed before finalizing your order.


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an annual membership that conveys a wide range of benefits. For around $99 per year, you can get free standard shipping (and sometimes free upgrades) on everything you buy. Prime also offers access to a wide range of TV shows, including Amazon’s own original movies and series.

You are also entitled to free eBooks and audiobooks each month, and access to a wide range of music. Studies have shown that customers who have Prime spend twice as much as those who don’t, about $1,600 per year, so it is a good earner for Amazon and a great deal for people who shop there regularly and also love great books, TV, and movies.


A Huge Product Catalog

If it exists, chances are you can find it at Amazon, and for a reasonably good price.


Also Bought Together

Amazon will make suggestions as to what else you might be interested in when you are making a purchase.



Amazon will bundle frequently bought together items for one low price. A good example would be four ink cartridges for an HP printer.



Some marketers try to scam people with reviews, but in general, Amazon is a good place to give and receive feedback about the various items for sale.


Comparison Charts

Many products are compared with one another in useful charts at the bottom of the product pages. Sometimes they will compare different models by the same manufacturer. In other cases, they will compare different products from different manufacturers, but all in the same price range and with similar features.

Comparing them side by side and seeing dimensions, star ratings and so on can help you pick just the right microwave oven for your small kitchen counter, for example, or the perfect vacuum suited to picking up after your pets.


Amazon as a Search Engine

Amazon is technically the largest product search engine in the world. No matter how uncommon, chances are you will find something for sale there.


A Range of Vendors

Sometimes you will be buying directly from the manufacturer via Amazon. In other cases, you will be buying through a third party. Amazon allows vendors to register to sell their products at Amazon in exchange for a commission. Ordinary people can also sell second hand in certain categories, such as books. It’s easy to set up these accounts and they link to your main customer account.


Great Customer Service

Amazon’s customer service has become the gold standard. It is quick, responsive and helpful. The shipping is fast thanks to their various distribution centers around the US and the world. With the opening of a second headquarters in addition to the one in Seattle planned for some time in the near future, expect service and mail times to get even better.

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