Top 5 reasons why you should join a real estate investment club

The best real estate investors will always utilize any advantage that is at their disposal. Joining a local real estate investment club is one of the best ways of taking your business to a new level. These clubs are filled with lots of networking and educational opportunities that will benefit you over time. If you are still unsure whether you should join one or not, here are five reasons to become a real estate investment club member.


Educate yourself

Most club meetings will have a guest educational speaker who imparts knowledge to the members. Irrespective of who the speaker is, he/she will have information that can help your business or your career. Some speakers may even talk about ideas or topic that you have never thought of before and they can change your real estate business. The more knowledge you gain from different people and their experiences, the better your business will be. A real estate club gives you a perfect place to learn.



Networking opportunities are one of the reasons why you should join an investment club. Most clubs will have monthly meetings and will allow their members to gather for an hour or more before the commencement of the formal meeting. This time allows different real estate professionals to network with local investors, mortgage brokers, contractors, and attorneys in the area. These club meetings can be valuable platforms where you can get useful contacts that you can use in your everyday business. Your contact base will grow over time and this will allow you to directly find deals.


Real world experience

Sometimes, you may have education but may not know how to apply it. Phill Grove investment club give you a platform to professionals who have been in the field and have successfully closed many deals in your local area. You will interact with professionals who will share how great they are fairing on and also those who will share their nasty experiences. By listening to different stories from fellow investors, you will know what to do and what to avoid doing. You will always pick valuable information from the real experiences of other investors.


Access to Deals and offers

Real estate investment club meetings also come with direct payoffs. Even though you may not get deals often, attending meetings can help you to access some deals that you may never have known or accessed on your own. By forging professional relationships with real estate agents, attorneys, fellow investors, mortgage brokers and many more, you may get a good deal in the future, especially when you need their services. You can make great connections and good mentorships, and put yourself around many people and eventually these deals with come your way.


 Discounts on courses and training

As a member of an investment club, you will have access to discounts on all types of real estate investment courses and training. You may get affordable training courses on how to run a successful business, accounting and budgeting, planning skills, and many more. You can use these opportunities to gain more knowledge on real estate investing and acquire new skills. Some of the training can be quite expensive and a discount on the fees can be a relief.


Real estate investment clubs are great for every professional that wants to succeed in his/her business. Every club meeting will always help you to learn new and important things that can influence the way you do business or how you invest. Most of these meetings will usually take place once a month, but their impacts will last for a lifetime. Take time to join a real estate investment club as it may be the boost that your business needs to move to the next level.

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