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Top 5 Internet Security Tips That Will Keep You Safe Online

Every technology comes with some leaps and bounds; the internet is also outweighing its threats with its diverse characteristics; however, these days the cyber crime has become an inevitable issue. Millions of internet users have lost their business as well as lost their savings, social ids due to cyber crimes and it has been increasing on rapid rate. Internet security needs to be beefed up considerably.

You can save yourself and your online business from cyber attacks by applying the following a few preventive measures.


Install Antivirus And Firewalls

Nowadays, installation of antivirus and firewall is must for every internet user. The antivirus development companies bring new antivirus and its updates in the market in order to protect the computers against new viruses, whereas the firewall works like an entrance guard on the internet that verify the IDs to ensure everything is going well.

To make sure that your antivirus and firewalls works effectively, timely update is needed for them to secure your computer from new online threats.


Socialize Consciously

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Intagram have become integral part of every internet user. It helps to connect people with their near and dear ones as well as a good source of online business. The recent studies show that hackers get most of the user’s personal information through social sites.

So, be attentive who you are talking to and what you are talking about. Use strong passwords, two way authentications, block unknown users, use privacy tools and post less personal information as you can.

This way, you can save your online profile and personal information from to be gets hacked.


Use Secure Sites For Shopping

Always make purchases from secure site that has “https” in their domain. Most of the online companies install SSL Certificates on their shopping sites in order to ensure the secure connection between their users and their web server through the safe protocol HTTPS.

The SSL Certified shopping sites not only protect your personal information like your identity or credit card number from hackers, but secure your financial transactions too.

Moreover, The SSL certificate gives you surety that your information will be received by right hand and not be threatened by any cyber criminal.


Don’t Go Phishing

Phishing or fraudulent emails are sent by fake websites to get user’s personal information or to drop malware on users’ computers. These scams can be easily avoidable by checking the sender email address, using strong passwords, frequently updating application or regularly reviewing your bank statements.

Moreover, Ransomware 101 is the most leading threat come from the emails that encrypts all the computer data and locks the users out. Then hackers ask $200 to $500 from the victim to provide the decryption key. You can easily defend yourself from ransomware attacks by doing frequent data backups in different locations; never zip e-mail’s attachments from unknown senders.


Use Secure Internet Connection

Make sure to use a secure connection that encrypts data flowing between two or more nodes. When an internet connection is not encrypted, you can face malicious software and unexpected events.

Use the main communication protocols like HTTPS, TCP/IP, POP3 or IMAP. Moreover, avoid using public wifi as it can threaten your vulnerable data that is stored on your computer or on your mobile phone.


Don’t allow PUP/PUAs

These are unwanted applications and programs that you may not have installed keenly. When users go online for downloading something, some websites offer a link to download this app for free or provide free add-ons to install on their web browser.

These programs and apps easily change the search engine settings and your information gets hacked easily.

Furthermore, these apps become spiteful over time, if cyber attackers have a hold on it. Thus, never allow any PUP/PUAs to change your browser settings.


Use Strong And Unique Passwords

It is common that people use the same passwords for different accounts, whether they are business or social accounts. It is advised to use strong passwords including special character like “Ami#$890.” and different passwords across multiple accounts. Moreover, passwords should be changed periodically. For more security, you can use at least 10 or 12 digits long passwords.




You can prevent cyber attacks by acquiring great knowledge and staying informed about the diverse cyber threats. Elder people and children are more prone to cyber attacks due to lack of proper knowledge about these online attacks.

So try to keep them informed about all cyber crimes and its preventive measures periodically.

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