Top 5 Content Writing Tools for Your Small Business Website

Top 5 content writing tools for your small business website

Every business owner knows that, if he wants his business to succeed, he
needs to hop in the train called “content creation”. Its power is already
incredibly big, and it will continue to be a priority for the brands. When it
comes to small businesses, they have a lot of challenges to overcome. Small
businesses need every client they get, and they put all the efforts to increase
their visibility and engagement rate. However, they struggle with limited
resources. Thus, they are forced to develop and handle most of the marketing
in-house. This article presents top of the best five content writing tools
which any business can use for its website.

Top 5 Content Writing Tools for
Small Business Website

Owning a small business website is not easy at all. The financial and
human resources are limited which is why most of the team members end up doing
various activities. Therefore, when it comes to creating content for the
website, they might lack ideas as they have to handle other tasks as well.
Ideaflip is a content generating tool which is very popular for small
businesses. This tool helps writers in their brainstorming sessions and gives
them the best ideas for the topics they want to address. Instead of writing
their ideas on the paper, writers can use this tool which offers them an
interactive environment. Moreover, small businesses might collaborate with
freelance writers from various places around the world. Thus, brainstorming
becomes a difficult activity as they are not in the same office, writing their
ideas on paper. This tool offers them a place
where they can write their ideas and merge them to obtain the best results.
Moreover, it will become easier for the business owner to check their progress
by just accessing the tool and receive updates in real time.

The first impression always matters. When a small business is at the
beginning, it is very important to show his customers how professional the team
is and how much they care about their clients’ needs. Therefore, any content
they post on the website should be flawless. Readers are very picky nowadays
and they will immediately notice any grammar or spelling mistake. Grammarly is
a very effective tool for grammar and spelling checking. Business owners can
use the free version and have their content checked for major grammar errors.
But, they can also choose the advanced packages where they receive more
features. For examples, these packages come with vocabulary enhancement,
sentence structure check, punctuation, and style. For a small business which
relies on less experienced writers, this tool can be a lifesaver.

It doesn’t matter on which sector the small business is operating, it
has to have a comprehensive content. Every blog post or product description
should be easy to understand by everyone. Not all the readers have the
necessary knowledge to understand specific information. Therefore, when they
access a website, they should immediately catch the main idea and don’t feel
lost in phrases without a clear meaning. Many bloggers and writers use the Hemingway app to check their texts for
readability. Michele Williams, editor at mentions that “Hemingway helps a lot of
writers by suggesting when they used too many
adverbs or passive voice. Furthermore, it helps them refine their style and
shows what readability score they achieved. On top of that, it is extremely
easy to use. Once the writer does the revision, he can export the file in a
.html or markdown format”.

One of the biggest concerns of small business owners, when they launch
their website, is to avoid plagiarism. Everyone knows how much a business can
be affected in case of plagiarism. The first consequence it has to face in case
of plagiarism is to have the website removed from search engine results. For a
small business, this can be devastating.
On top of that, a business accused of plagiarism loses its credibility and
reputation. Thus, even though the problem is fixed, and it appears again in the
search engine results, it will be difficult to convince readers about its
professionalism. Plagtracker is an effective tool which helps writers produce
unique content. It will immediately detect copied content. Moreover, small
businesses can contact PlagTracker team and ask for writing and editing assistance.
Thus, it will become easier for writers to create original content and make
their readers loyal to the brand.

When they create their company website, small business owners want to
stay close to their readers and post
friendly and easy to read content. However, they might cross the line sometimes
and post unprofessional content. While it is true that readers want to become
part of the small business’ story, they are also looking for a professional
touch. Therefore, small business owners need to stay away from business jargon
when they post content online. Their readers will find this type of content
unappealing and this will immediately be seen in the drop in conversion rate. Unsuck It is an effective
tool as it helps small businesses find an alternative to some phrases which
will not burst the readers’ interest. Furthermore, it is very simple to use.
The writer just types in the jargon he wants to rephrase, and the tool will do
the work for him.

The tools mentioned above will get a lot of stress off the writers’
shoulders. From generating content ideas, grammar checking to readability tests
or jargon rephrasing, these tools will save a lot of time and help writers
create engaging content. It is important for a small business to post fresh and
quality content. Thus, it will increase its visibility and make customers trust
their products.

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