Top 3 tips for creating insta-worthy flatlays!

As we all know, to run a successful business and be seen in today’s world, you have to have good quality imagery. With social media playing such a strong part in the business world, you just can’t afford to have shit photos. Simple as that!

I hear you saying ‘but I can’t afford a photographer’ or ‘but I’ve tried taking my own photos and I just can’t get them to look good’.

Well, I hear you. And I am here to help.

1. Chase the light!

There is nothing worse than seeing poorly lit images. I know I’m biased, but if I see a website or social media account with dark, dreary images – I will leave straight away. And I know I’m not alone. Our attention span is literally only a few seconds, so you have to WOW your audience within that time.

Natural light. It’s not hard to find. If you can’t get enough light onto your subject, more your subject! Find a room with beautiful natural light, or even just a big window. Chase that light!

©Leah Ladson Photography 2019

2. Composition is key

Composition seems to be a hard one to teach. I guess creatives may find it more natural than others, but I have created a formula so simple that anyone can nail a well composed flatlay!

I go into much more detail in my Flatlay Masterclass, but put simply: Think square, don’t be afraid to layer and make sure your subject is the hero.

©Leah Ladson Photography 2019

3. Styling, my dear!

Your backdrop is key. Look at your Insta-feed and think about what colour palette will suit your brand. Choose your backdrop based on that.

White is the easiest to fit in, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour, or go dark if it does in fact, suit your brand. See how the below images take on a whole different mood just by changing up the backdrop?

©Leah Ladson Photography 2019

There you have is folks. Try it. These three easy to implement tips will be sure to help you lift your content game!

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