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Top 10 challenges facing IT in 2019

Working in IT has never been easy, but today’s challenges are unique. The modern IT department must fight to cut costs while staying concurrent with the latest tech and advancements in the cloud.

It pays to be fast and flexible, especially when new threats are always popping up. Keeping up with the times starts with understanding these challenges and how to meet them effectively. Here are the top ten IT issues facing today’s professionals.


Retraining needs

These days, platforms are too complex and training is too time-consuming (and sometimes expensive) to expect your people to manage their own training and still keep up with work. If you don’t have a training plan in place, you’re already behind.


Digital switch

Many leaders in business know the transformation to digital isn’t complete and worry that their company needs to speed it up. There’s a natural entropy in business, where people tend to keep doing what they’ve alway done. Going digital makes you more competitive, and this change needs to be given priority.


Streamlined budgets

Budgets are getting leaner, and this presents a challenge to departments looking to provide robust security. The focus needs to be on getting skilled and certified professionals who have the experience and expertise to fulfill your objectives.


Security demands

The “internet of things” only continues to grow, and companies are connecting record numbers of devices to local networks. The challenge is keeping all those networks safe when the IoT is notoriously vulnerable. Heads of department need to keep up with emerging IoT threats and how to meet them.


Revenue distraction

Traditionally, it has not been the responsibility of IT to find revenue streams and take advantage of them. These days, that’s changing, and this can be a distraction to the team and the mission. If possible, the department head should work to keep the team focused on the job at hand and leave revenue generation to others.


Wise outsourcing

There’s so much going on in the world of IT security that for some jobs, outsourcing can be the only answer to getting the technical expertise you need. While that’s understandable, it can also compromise security.  Strict assessments and evaluations are important here. Use third-party vendors to evaluable every partner you use.


Privacy uppermost

In the modern digital world, you are going to deal with private identifying information. Your customers count on you to collect, store, share, use, and dispose of that private info the right way. In addition, governments are becoming increasingly interested in privacy, and laws change on a regular basis. The best way to keep up with the laws is to make customer privacy a cornerstone of IT policy.


Cloud boundaries

The digital world has fewer boundaries than the real one, and there are enormous issues of human rights, national sovereignty, and taxation when it comes to navigating the cloud.  It’s important that your IT department keeps on top of these and branches out into new territories cautiously and only when ready.


Security problems

Security vulnerabilities only continue to multiply, and the most dangerous ones are aimed at stealing from the inside. Employees are constantly bombarded by phishing emails hoping to trick out that one click. Use your IT department to educate everyone about the importance of email security, keep up with robust passwords, and watch out for the possibility of rogue employees causing problems.


Data classification

There is so much data now in comparison to what was previously available that old methods of storing and classifying that data are outdated. To use big data effectively, you need to keep it organized in a way that’s easy to access and completely secure.  

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