Tips for working moms to stay healthy

Working moms know the difficulties of getting through each week’s ins and outs. One-minute work piles up, the next you receive a call from your kid’s school.

You know when stress starts to take over. While not always bad, stress can lead to negative side-effects like headaches or sleep trouble, which can decrease your ability to work and give your kids the attention they need. To help, we created a list of seven tips to help you on your journey to becoming healthier and less stressed. Hopefully, you’ll love the new you and so will your family.


1. Make Plans

By staying on top of each day’s to-do items, you help yourself maintain a sense of control. You might think a mental to-do list will keep you on track, but unfortunately, our memories aren’t as strong as we wish. Our short-term memory can hold seven pieces of information for about 30 seconds. By trying to put all of your daily tasks to memory, — likely more than seven — you set yourself up for failure.

Look into a bullet journal or daily planner to provide a fun, cheap way for jotting down plans, recipes ideas and important to-do you can’t forget later. You don’t want to be the mom who forgets to bring snacks to soccer practice when your turn rolls around. Driving sweaty kids home from practice is one thing, but what about hungry and sweaty kids. Use your journal to schedule in some time for yourself as well.


2. Take Time to Breathe

How often do you take breaks to breathe throughout the day? Think about it. No really, think about it.

When we go through our days without mental or physical breaks, we use up our energy fast. This causes us to feel drained before dinner time. But by not stopping to rest throughout the day, your worries for the next day might pile up, causing a restless night. Try taking five to 10-minute breaks throughout the day to focus on breathing exercises — you can find some helpful videos on Youtube.


  1. Don’t Skip Meals

You can’t expect your body and mind to provide you with energy if you don’t fuel it first! Try scheduling out time during the weekend to prep and cook for the upcoming week. This ensures you have meals ready to pop in the crock pot or oven during the week. You can use this as ‘me time’ while your kids play, or as an interactive weekend tradition for your family to complete together.

If you struggle with meal planning or find it hard to start, use resources like an easy guide to creating a family meal plan to make it simple.


4. Take Care of Your Health All Day, All Ways

Did you know that even not brushing your teeth each night can have harmful effects on your health and make you more prone to getting sick? Throughout your day you likely dream of lying down to go to bed at the end of the night. But after taking care of your family all day, take care of yourself with simple habits like brushing your teeth before bed. Sickness does nothing but zap valuable energy you need to go about your daily duties as a mom.

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, consider in-taking 1,000 mg of calcium to make up for the nutrients your body loses. When you lactate, your bones send calcium to your bloodstream and your kidneys release less calcium into your urine to save it for your milk. This can cause issues with your gums and teeth. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day and get enough calcium.


5. Take Vitamins

Busy moms often don’t receive the nutrients needed to keep their bodies going. Incorporating vitamins and supplements into your daily routine can help keep your health intact and balance your energy levels. Vitamin D can help your immune system while Vitamin B can help provide energy. Vitamin suggestions differ from person to person and during different stages of motherhood — check with your doctor before adding them into your routine.


6. Set Boundaries

As a working mom, you wear many hats throughout your days and interact with an array of people. It’s a woman and mother’s instinct to please them all.

As much as you wish, you can’t be super mom for everyone. You can’t manage to do everything and please everyone — that’s okay! Start saying no to unimportant responsibilities that could hinder your time with family. Allow yourself more freedom to say yes to more important things — like your health.


7. Ask for Help

Most moms don’t realize there are people around to help them if they ask. Families often love to step in to lend a hand. If you have a support group around you, take advantage of that — give yourself a night off.

Or, hire a babysitter if your family isn’t available. For busy working moms, asking for help is a smart way to make life less stressed.



Start A Healthier Lifestyle

To be an efficient mom, you must practice self-care. No one is perfect, and no one expects that from you. Once you start to master healthier routines, you can share them with your kids! They’ll not only grow up seeing how great their mom manages stress but grow up knowing how to do it too!

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