Chatbots for business

Tips for Using Chatbots with Your Business

Chatbots for business can be an excellent new tool to add to your business in order to automate certain functions, but it is important to be aware of the best ways to use them so you don’t make any costly mistakes. Here are some suggestions for starting to use chatbots.


1. Keep It Simple to Start With

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to cover everything at once. Decide on a typical interaction or sequence of interactions you would like to automate, implement, and test. Use your testing to improve the chatbot until it is something useful to your customers, not frustrating.


2. Set a Goal

Don’t just choose to set up a chatbot because it is something new and you think you might try one. Instead, set a goal for your chatbot, such as cutting down worker hours interacting with customers, or using a marketing chatbot to boost income. Once you have set your goal, you will be able to create the right chatbot.


3. Consider Your Customers’ and Clients’ Needs

Consider what your customers and clients need most, and need quickly. This will either be customer service, or a key piece of information when they are getting ready to make a purchase. Center the chatbot around your typical customer queries, and you should be able to build a chatbot that will save countless hours for your company.


4. Make Sure You Understand the Technical Needs for Your Chatbot

Some chatbots are easy to set up and don’t take up a lot of memory. Other chatbots can be very resource-heavy. Start with a small test to see if you like a system and it is easy to use and affordable. Use a free chatbot like Facebook Messenger to get a feel for how they work as well, and how willing your followers are to interact with you in this manner.


5. Choose the Right Keywords

The right keywords will trigger the right matching responses, which is important if you wish to offer superior customer service. The better the match, the more satisfied customers will be and the more realistic the interaction, so your clients don’t feel they are talking to a robot even though they are.


6. Use FAQs to Help Organize Your Bot

If you already have a list of frequently asked questions, use them to help set up the bot. If you haven’t made one yet, review your customer service queries and start compiling a list.


7. Use Chatbots to Automate Your Marketing

A chatbot can be a valuable additional channel for stimulating sales. Once people connect with you on Facebook Messenger, for example, every time you launch a new product, you can connect with them to tell them it’s available and thus stimulate sales.


8. Use Chatbots as a Way of Interacting with Your Target Audience in Real Time

Chatbots are a great way to interact as closely as possible in real time with your followers, as compared with email (which can take days) or with social media (which has more immediacy, but only if you are actually online at the same time that your customers are).


9. Remember They Will Never Completely Replace a Human

If anything goes wrong with your chatbot during the process of your customers using it, make sure they have a second option so they don’t get frustrated and can accomplish their task.

Use these nine ideas to make the most of chatbots in your business.

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