Tips for managing work related anxiety with natural methods

Living with stress is an everyday reality for many people. In nine out of ten cases, the bulk of that anxiety originated in work-related matters. It might be the environment or just the nature of your job, but no matter what triggers your stress its consequences echo throughout the rest of your day. You should neither suffer the toxic work conditions nor tolerate the physiological symptoms caused by long-term stress.

Finding the inner balance might look like an insurmountable obstacle, but only a few tips for managing work-related anxiety through natural methods can make all the difference in the world.



The best life-hacks have a simple essence, and there is nothing simpler than introducing extra magnesium into your diet. This essential mineral, which naturally occurs in innumerable foods and beverages, is crucial for a well-functioning immunity and it has been known to reduce the effects of stress. In fact, magnesium has become so lauded for this effects, it has been dubbed the “nature’s valium”.

Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA for short, is an inhibitory neurotransmitter distributed in the brain, and it reduces the activity of neurons to which it binds. Scientists believe that one of GABA’s functions is to control anxiety and fear. Since about 40% of our neurons interact with GABA, they are viable GABA receptors, and magnesium stimulates the interaction of receptors with this chemical, which helps to reduce stress.


CBD oil

CBD oil is taking the world by the storm. Though many people wrongly conclude that this oil is extracted exclusively from marijuana, it can actually be extracted from any cannabis plant. The industrial hemp has proven to be one of the biggest herbal miracles we can cultivate. It is used in a number of industries, and it only has trace amounts of THC. This means that the CBD (Cannabidiol) oil extracted from the industrial hemp cannot induce a hallucinatory state of any kind.

However, it can help you relax and it also boasts pain relieving properties. Some in the scientific community have suggested that the use of CBD as a natural antidepressant may also do a lot of good for countless people. This is especially true in the 21st century when a non-stop working culture has invaded every aspect of our lives and it seems it might only get worse from here.



While natural remedies such as Valerian truly help with the stress reduction, they will also make you unbearably sleepy, which is bad for your work performance. Instead, you should rely on something that can help you relax without sedating you, and one of such compounds is definitely L-theanine.

L-theanine is an amino acid which is commonly found in green tea and the research has shown that it calms the heart rate, lowers the blood pressure, and reduces anxiety. Drink a few cups of green tea throughout the work-day and have a cup of chamomile with a capsule of Valerian after you have arrived home. This should curb your anxiety levels just fine.


Exercise after work

Sweat your stress out through regular exercise after work. There is almost no problem four intense gym sessions per week cannot solve. It is a safe way to stimulate your brain to produce endorphins, which are your body’s own pain and stress relievers. It will also make your body resilient and your cardiovascular system stronger.  

Hitting the gym every other day might put you on a rocky road in the beginning, but if you persevere with regular exercises with a steadily escalating level of difficulty, you will be out of the woods in about two months. This is when you will reap all the stress-relieving benefits. In addition to this, you will be able to concentrate better at work and endure through long sitting sessions. Remember – physical activity and a balanced diet coupled with supplements is the best way to fight against anxiety.

The constant buzzing of your smartphone, the emails, the calls, the questions and tasks, it can all get really overwhelming, really fast. Deadlines might be looming over your head, but that doesn’t mean a sense of foreboding should loom over it too. Disperse the dark cloud of anxiety by including a few elegant tips and natural remedies to your daily routine, and you should be golden.


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