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Tips for good health and skin before your wedding day

The most important and biggest day of your life may be just a month or few days away and that could mean a lot of stress and nerves for you, the bride. It’s absolutely normal to get stressed and nervous about your wedding day, but this stress needs to be managed so that it doesn’t affect your health and skin. Being the bride, you need an absolutely gorgeous and glowing skin for your big day, so that means making some lifestyle changes and keeping some very important things in mind as you approach your day to be a bride.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind for a good health and glowing skin for your wedding day.

1. Foods and Drinks

What you eat is what you show on your body and skin. It’s very important that you eat right in the few weeks leading up to your wedding. Avoid eating greasy and sugary foods because these can cause breakouts and blemishes. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet and body. Drink lots of smoothies made of fresh veggies and fruits. Try to cut down on sugary drinks and make sure you drink lots and lots of water to detox your body regularly.

2. Exercise

If you have a workout regime in place, continue with that. If you don’t workout at all, try to incorporate a jog or a walking schedule into your day. Some kind of workout where you are sweating your body and making it exercise, is important to detox and also have a glowing skin. Exercise reduces stress and helps with maintaining a healthy mind and body.

3. A Good Night’s Sleep

Your sleep schedule has to be right and proper. Your body needs at least seven hours of sleep, so make sure you are giving yourself enough sleep. It’s important that you sleep well enough to get a glowing skin and manage stress.

It’s also important to sleep on time. Your body clock works according to nature. When it’s night and time to sleep, it should be asleep. So don’t force your body to go against the nature and be awake till late in the night. Sleep when you’re supposed to, not when you can or want to.

4. Parties

Of course since it’s wedding time, it means a lot of parties with friends and family. Whether it’s a hen party in Benidorm with your friends or a casual dinner with your family at your favourite restaurant, make sure you do not line up any events at least in the last two weeks before your wedding. You need to stay away from alcohol, junk foods and late nighters. If your girls are planning a hen party for you, ask them to do so at least a month before your wedding. You need the sleep, exercise and rest before your wedding. Parties mean hangovers and this can further mean bad news for your skin. You need to take care of your skin by keeping it away from any kind of toxins, so avoid parties in the last few weeks before your big day.


Eating healthy, sleeping right and exercising right is a complete package of pampering your body with all things good. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you. If you have a sensitive skin that breaks out due to sweets, greasy foods or stress, then you must take extra care of yourself before the wedding to get a clear and glowing skin on the main day. Keeping a healthy and happy mind is also important for a glowing skin. Ultimately, what’s inside is what shows outside. So take care of yourself on the inside and you will automatically see the results on the outside.

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