Sydney Staycation

Tips for a Sublime Sydney Staycation

For so many people around the world, Sydney is the city of dreams. It’s a notion that can catch you off guard, and you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking – a city halfway around the world, on the edge of the Pacific? Really? While New York City still holds the torch of the capital of the world, the focus of the sprawling industrious society is slowly shifting beyond the horizons of the Pacific – towards the gleaming urban landscapes of Hong Kong and Sydney. This is why every aspiring entrepreneur or established business owner can get a real kick from a vacation in the Harbour City, and truly feel the pulse of the town. Here are tips for a sublime Sydney staycation.

Ultimate Sydney Staycation

Just savor the sites

Sydney boasts some of the most popular landmarks in the world. Because of this, it would be a real shame if you, as a Sydney citizen, failed to savor the sublime beauties of such iconic sites as the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Tower Eye, Royal Botanic Gardens, etc. In order to stay true to the root meaning of staycation – a vacation in one’s own city, town or locale – you should definitely go on a pilgrimage to “affirm” the priceless nature of these edifices. It’s a fairly cost-free experience and it will definitely enrich your soul.

Ultimate Sydney Staycation

Have a history lesson in Randwick

Randwick is not only about racecourses and parks – it is also an extremely interesting part of town with a lot of history and impeccably preserved historical buildings to go along with it. Honestly, it is such a treasure trove of amazing Victorian Gothic variations and haunting buildings that it’s a true wonder it is not an overhyped area. But this is actually a good thing since you will get a chance to have a tranquil walk around the neighborhood with a pair of earbuds stuck in your ears and an audio guide playing on your phone. It’s the best way to grasp this suburb’s history and all the surprises and details it hides.

Ultimate Sydney Staycation

Check out Chippendale

Chippendale is the up-and-coming district of the inner Sydney area. In a way, it is turning into the city’s own Soho playground. Countless art galleries have been established on its streets and it’s easy to see why – it is enough to simply walk around the suburb and take in all of its urban energy. While there are certain art establishments you can check out without spending a dime (or at least not a lot), it’s mostly about the atmosphere it cultivates. However, if you are braving Chippendale’s sidewalks during the peak of summer, you can expect the notorious smoldering temperatures on the street level. Fortunately, you can always stop by the Old Clare Hotel and its amazing rooftop bar for a fresh beverage and consider staying at this ingenious boutique hotel.

Ultimate Sydney Staycation

Beach fun

If you are not from Sydney and yet you and your family live within driving distance of the city, it definitely offers some truly sublime and virtually free locations to enjoy your staycation. For example, you can all get into the car and head straight for the lauded Bondi Beach where you can have a day filled with resplendent fun activities. However, if you want to take this a step further, you can actually go looking for beaches that are less frequent – for example, Milk Beach or Bungan Beach. That way you can have a truly constructive time with your entire family without having to worry whether any of you will trip over someone or accidentally hit an innocent bystander.

Ultimate Sydney Staycation

Take a different perspective

Of course, going on a stroll through Randwick is not the only way to experience the history of the Sydney area. In fact, there is an entire perspective on this history that has been ignored for most of the time, and it comes from the Aboriginal people. This is why, after your convenient tour of the city’s most famous landmarks, you can get down to the Rocks and go on the eye-opening Rocks Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Tour, which is led by one of the local elders. It is an experience like no other.

Ultimate Sydney Staycation

The irresistible charms of Sydney are impossible to deny. From glistening edifices in the central business district and beautiful facades of the historical buildings to countless cultural nooks and cocktail-filled crannies which are dotted around town – all of it combines into a dizzyingly dazzling mosaic of a city. One can easily get completely taken by its visceral delights and the friendliest collective of citizens one can imagine. It’s a truly lively city with a can-do attitude which encourages all of its dwellers to become go-getters.

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