Tips on Customer Crowd Control during Busy Hours

As a business leader, you want nothing but the best for your business. Therefore, when your business is busy, it’s a sign of hard work and good business practices. A busy business can be a blessing and a curse, though. Sure, lots of people coming to your business indicates you are doing something right.

At the same time, though, if you don’t effectively manage the large crowd of people, you could end up with a lot of frustrated, angry customers, thus putting a halt to all the progress you’ve made. Luckily, with the right planning, you can be better prepared to keep large crowds under control, thus ensuring each individual in that crowd comes away completely satisfied.


When you have a large crowd, you want to maintain the personalized attention that made your business attractive in the first place. To ensure you meet the needs of every customer, you must make sure you prepare your associates to correctly address each customer’s needs, the first time. In some cases, this might mean taking a little extra time to fully understand the customer’s concerns, even though a lot of other people are waiting. By taking this extra time, though, you ensure that the customer has their needs met satisfactorily and you can move on to the next customer, rather than having to re-engage the previous customer.

A Place, Set Aside

Upon seeing a large crowd of people who all have the same goal as themselves, many customers enact a “me first” mentality that causes them to be less orderly than they would otherwise be. That’s why you must have a place set aside for a line to form, to ensure that each person is assisted in the order that they arrived and that the flow of customers to your associates is maintained in an orderly fashion. Don’t expect that a small line marker will suffice during busy times. Instead, use temporary barriers to create a space for a longer line to form, which can then be removed when it slows down again so that a smaller amount of customers can move about more freely.

Keep the Cheer Up

Even if a long line is moving quickly, it’s still a long line. For those at the rear, making it to the front can seem like an almost insurmountable task that will inevitably waste a lot of their time. These people are the ones most likely to be more easily frustrated, and so you need to pay special attention to them while they are still in line, while also addressing the needs of the customers who have made it to the front of the line. This might mean having one or more people specifically assigned to engage the customers in line, to begin ascertaining their needs to see if there’s any way they can expedite the process for them, and to ensure they’re in the right place, so the customer doesn’t truly waste their time by being in the wrong place to have their needs addressed.

Maintain Control

Again, for the most part, people are orderly and patient. In a large crowd, though, a survivalist mentality often takes hold, leading to agitation and potential chaos. If things really turn ugly, you could find yourself at the wrong end of a lawsuit, needing to engage in business litigation to try and protect your company’s assets. That’s a distraction you don’t need or want, so plan ahead and prepare for the worst that could happen, in advance.

If you’re expecting an especially long or large surge of customers, utilizing trained security professionals to spot problems and get them under control could be a wise investment. Even involving local law enforcement, whose presence is likely to keep people more calm, is certainly not out of the question. After all, the last thing you want is to have to call those same law enforcement officers after the fact, when things really have gotten out of control.

Be Persistent

Remember that, in all the craziness of a crowded business, success is being cultivated. So long as you take the proper measures to keep your numerous customers happy, that success will continue to grow. So, while the busy times may be exhausting, stick with those values that have made you successful in the first place, and you and your associates will continue to prosper, while your customers continue to receive the service and value they have come to expect.

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