Three Unconventional Ways To Prevent Burnout with Lisa Murray

Three Unconventional Ways To Prevent Burnout

Are you preventing burnout or fighting it? You’re fatigued even when you get enough sleep. You’re angry for no reason. You’re working harder and harder, and getting nowhere fast.

If this sounds familiar, it’s possible you’re on the edge of burnout. It’s time for an intervention, not just a little lip-service to the idea of work-life balance!

Here are three choices you can make that will get you back on track faster.

1. Make Deeply Nourishing Choices

When your body is breaking down, superficial self-care routines won’t cut it. What gives you deep relaxation? Do you need to remove all over-stimulation? Give yourself a guilt-free play day? Do some gentle Yin Yoga in between meetings? Get healthy meals home-delivered for a month? Stop your mind from over-thinking?

Your best ideas come in the shower because you are nurtured and nourished in there. You’re not trying, or worrying or planning. You’re receiving rather than giving.

What is the ONE choice you can make that will make the greatest difference to you right now? Start there!

2.  Indulge In Creative Inspiration

You might be thinking ‘don’t add one more thing to my to-do list!’. I totally agree. Being creative is a totally different set of paintbrushes. Your brain needs downtime so that it can defrag and decompress. Put your lists aside.

Be curious about what kind of creative adventure would bring you the most joy. It might be painting ugly pictures. It could be colouring-in. It may be visiting an art gallery. Or organising your books in colour blocks. Or maybe even doodling or writing a poem while you’re listening to the fifth boring meeting you’ve attended today.

Creative space is available when you don’t have to create an outcome. When you can do your fun thing as well or badly as you choose. When you can leave it unfinished forever if you choose. Creative space makes no demands on you. It’s about exploring, being curious, discovering new ways forward.

3. Bring Out Your Brilliance To Live Beyond Burnout

Almost everyone who gets burnout from overwork is trying too hard. Trying to be perfect. Trying to please. Trying to be more. You are already brilliant, you just need to acknowledge it. Instead of looking at everything you haven’t done, everything that isn’t perfect, everything that people are making you wrong for… start looking at what is wonderful about you when you are at your best.

What is the difference between you at your best and you right now? What different possibilities can you choose that will allow you to be at your relaxed best, rather than your striving, stressed, overachieving best?

Preventing burnout is simple. It’s about having self-awareness of the situations and circumstances in which you perform at your best, effortlessly and easily and then creating your work in ways that work for you. We’ve been taught that success is a struggle and that work must be hard. What if these are the biggest lies that are stopping us from being unstoppable?

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