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This is why your last name doesn’t have to be Shakespeare to start writing

Does the idea of writing a blog, a personal post on your Facebook, a text for your website or a short bio for a flyer give you an instant writer’s block and an anxiety attack? No worries, just breath gently. There is no such thing as a ‘writers block’ and anxiety means that you think that you are not capable of doing something, but you are.

The only thing that gets blocked with writing is you because you let yourself get in the way. Everybody can write, also when your last name isn’t Shakespeare.

I love to write, every day. For me, writing is like having a cup of tea with humanity. You share yourself, your life, your experience and how you feel about something. No more, no less, just like you do when you introduce yourself or when you have a coffee with a colleague and share about your weekend. It’s your expression, your view, and your experience. What you express and write is unique.


You don’t have to publish a book

Very often people try to convince me that they can’t write, which of course I don’t believe. The moment they sit behind their computer they completely block. The thing is: when we think of writing, we have this idea that we have to be Australian bestselling author Liana Moriarty and at least publish a book. The belief kicks in that we have to deliver something that is intelligent, witty, deep, intellectual and so on or we are busy with how our readers will react to what we write.

What people think or how they react is not your problem nor your responsibility.
Your writing does not have to be perfect, because you are not perfect either. And you don’t need a cabin in the woods to be able to write. You can start writing wherever you want, also when there are three kids running around.


Keep it close to yourself

When I support people with their writing, I ask them what goes on for them. What has caught your attention this week, what has surprised you, what keeps you busy or what have you learned? When you keep it close to yourself and at this moment, you write from your livingness and your body.

We all have something to share, so just start. Not with a blog, an article or a bestseller, but with a few lines. Yes, just a few lines. Just start typing and the more you do, the more you experience how much there is to express. Stay connected to yourself, your body and what comes through you. We all have this gorgeous and unique expression. The world is missing out when you hold back.

P.s. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

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