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This is why I make my bed every day

What does it actually mean to take care of yourself? Life is busy and to-do lists seem endless. On top of that, we as women also have to live up to an enormous amount of ideas, beliefs, and pictures, if we choose so. Self-care becomes something for special moments if we find the time.

Over the years I have learned and experienced that self-care has nothing to do with special moments. It is in every moment and therefore makes every moment special. Self-care has nothing to do with going to the gym three times a week, drinking green smoothies, putting my body into a downward facing dog position or use willpower and tell myself that for one month I can’t have ……. (alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, Facebook, Netflix etc).

When I started to take care of myself and I mean really started to take care of myself, I was introduced to the word ‘gentleness’. This was a word I had alienated from since way back last century. Really, you should have seen me ride my bike eight years ago, l looked like some mad woman: hard as nails and always in a rush.



Then I made the choice to make my bed every morning. This was something I didn’t do on a daily basis because I couldn’t be bothered. I made the choice to bother, in this case about myself and the quality I live in. I didn’t only make my bed, but I also introduced gentleness into my life. I made my bed with a gentle touch. No rush, no hardness, but focus on my fingertips, which really supports if you want to re-connect to your natural gentleness.

The impact was big….

Every evening when I went to bed, I felt the care for myself. It makes such a difference if you step into a bed that has been made with fingertips or in a bed that still has the imprint from last night. I started to notice how lovely it felt: the fact that I made my bed for me. Making my bed became part of my daily self-care.


Ripple effect

Self-care has to do with loving and supporting choices and it starts with one simple choice. The beauty is, if you start with one choice and commit to this choice every day for let’s say three months, it starts to have a ripple effect on other things. Before you know it, you start brushing your teeth with gentleness or dress in a more gentle way.

We don’t have to wait for some special ‘me-time’ or go to a retreat in Thailand to start taking care of ourselves. Or when we get sick…..It starts with one choice and committing to it. Choose something that is already part of your daily routine, focus on your fingertips and before you know it, every moment is special. And with a gentle touch!

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