This is why I go to bed at 9pm, also in the weekends

Sleep is a hot topic or should I say the lack of sleep is? With the rise in coffee places and corners, it seems to be our number one go-to beverage on a daily basis. The Dutchies take the number 5 position when it comes to the world’s 20 biggest coffee drinkers.e

An honest question would be: do we only really like coffee or do we need it to get us going because we are exhausted?

We live in a world where it is normal to ignore the body and its need for sleep. Staying up late to work, study, watch series on Netflix or going out and have any form of entertainment till after midnight is normal, just as being tired the next day is normal and socially acceptable.

As a young child, but also growing up into an adolescent, I loved going to bed on time. My parents never had to tell me: Mariette, go to bed. It was this innate knowing that sleep is supporting and needed. I somehow was able to stay true to that need.

Then I let student life take over and things changed. Going to bed early and honoring the needs of your body is not so ‘chill’ and ‘cool’ when you are a student, staying up late is. Saying that you are in bed by 5am gets more likes than saying that you are in your pyamas by 9pm.

Needing an excuse for going to bed early

Later on things changed, but I still had evenings where I actually wanted to go to bed, but I didn’t, because of many unspoken socially accepted agreements. Just as not drinking alcohol, going to bed around 9pm is seen as boring, no fun and can only be used as an excuse when you are either pregnant, sick (or both) or when you have an ‘early’ day for work the next day. Whatever the reason, it seems you must have an excuse when you are the first to leave.

For quite some time now, I go to bed around 9pm most of the days, also in the weekend. Not because I have to, but because my body wants to. For my body there is no such thing as ‘weekends’ or ‘holidays’. No more excuses, but just a deep honoring of what my body needs.

Going to bed around 9pm feels like my natural rhythm, where the hours before midnight feel crucial to get a complete night of sleep. Around that time my body tells me that it wants to lay down, so it has enough time to rejuvenate and recover from my day. I can choose to not listen to this message, but I will need something outside of myself as a stimulant to keep myself going.

For me, my nights are just as important as my days. In fact, they are one. How I am during the day is a reflection of how my night will be and vice versa. It’s all one and the same and to be equally honored and respected.

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