This is the era of modern journalism

We have actually seen how the art of journalism has moved extra miles in this modern era. It is now the era of modern journalism. During the last time before the coming of the inventions we are seeing today, people used to receive information and news through local news publication and to the few who never got a chance to access the publications, they had no otherwise than to wait to watch the evening news. But then, things have now changed, we can now get fed with information from different sources. In this era, you have a chance to watch anything as it is still happening. All this is due to nothing other than the invention of the Internet.


We may rush over things not realizing that there are individuals who have no idea of what we refer to as journalism. This is simply the act of assessing, creating, gathering and also presenting news and information so that it can be assessed easily to the public. The art of journalism it the product of any kind of news that people will be reading online day in day out, it is the product of all types of newspapers we do read in town or whenever we move, it is the product of all the news station we do tune in to watch the news.

The experts in this field normally employ different methods to gather information and when they carry out an assessment for the same. But then, they have always been asked to always carry out enough checkup of whatever they intend to report to bring surety to the public that they provide verified and also accurate information on arising matters.


As you can agree with me, data journalism has registered a rise in the recent days. This is actually a side effect of the quantity or rather an amount of data people do receive and our new invention, the Internet at large. This is actually nothing than number crunching and data usage to help to bring out better explanation of how things are happening, tries to provide context to certain matters that would have happened.

Actually, in this generation, everyone can be a journalist in own way. This is now how important is data journalism. All an individual needs in this era is a social media account and an internet surfing device. The main objective of data journalism is to be the source of giving us storyline of what comes up and also the provider of explanations of all matters arising.


The open web has now been invented. We can see now a change to everything that ever existed. This can be clearly be demonstrated how people out there are consuming data, the rate at which an individual consumes data is never the same as another person will be consuming. Data was in the past days in a complete fixed form. Now we can enjoy that information is everywhere for us to consume at the time we require. Just doing a quick internet search on what you are looking for will bring you all you need.


We have a new invention with us now. The internet is here with us. News reaches the public any time; journalists are working on the clock to give us matters as they arise. But then with this entire still, we have a factor that we seem to be lacking still. This is nothing other than time. Experts in this field lack time to give a broad check on the news that they give us. They hack lacked time to learn and also ponder all that they present to the public. This has led to some arts like investigative journalism completely ending.

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