Thinking of hiring a fashion stylist? Make sure to keep these in mind!

Fashion stylists are basically your life saviours, if you need any help in the fashion department. It’s a much sought after profession in the fashion industry, but let us tell you, not everyone can be potential fashion stylist. Whether you need a wardrobe update or an outfit for a special occasion, or some inspiration to put together a perfect outfit, or a shopping companion, well, no one but your personal stylist can come to your rescue.

But, while thinking of fashion stylists, you might be thinking of high-flying trendsetters who are seen sitting in the first row of fashion weeks and dress up celebrities for a living. Well, you are partly right, but there’s more to it. Hiring a fashion stylist isn’t a luxury; stylists can provide their services to anyone who might be interested to present their best-dressed selves to the world. If you are looking for such a stylist in Perth, Living in Style is just the services to go for. They will offer you the best consultation and styling solutions, keeping their clients up to date with changing trends.

Some Tips to make sure you are hiring the correct stylist

We can only imagine how confusing it must be for an individual, who is on the search to hiring a stylist. Especially, since nowadays, you can find every other person calling themselves stylists, without proper credentials. But not to worry, here we are, giving you the much required advice, so that you hire the stylist, who is actually the right one for you.

  • Be clear about your Needs: First, you need to be absolutely clear about what you want your stylist to do for you. There has to be a bigger reason or goal than it being just a fun activity. Make sure you can communicate your needs and wishes to your stylist in the most efficient manner. They should get a proper idea of what you want the outcome to be, and only then can they get to their work.
  • You get what you pay for: As blunt as it can be, you have to fork out some cash if you want a highly professional and experienced stylist. With this industry becoming so glutted with fashion stylists of all kinds, you need to take your pick. If you are in luck, you will get the chance to hire some new talent in this field, at a lesser price, but don’t count on it. And absolutely avoid, substituting professionalism and skills with money.
  • Check for Credentials: Well, let’s face it, it takes a lot more skill than being just a well-dressed woman a.k.a. friend’s-go-to-fashion-expert to be qualified enough to style strangers. And get paid in return. Stylists should have the appropriate qualifications in this field, and know beyond the basics of styling. They should have respect as well as passion for this profession. Make sure to choose someone who has the proper credentials for the job.
  • Don’t forget to Back Check: It’s nothing wrong or disrespecting if you back check on a stylist prior to hire him/her and even your stylist should feel the same. If you feel the need, just as for client references and they should be happy to oblige. This results in a clear and loyal relationship between a stylist and a client.
  • Match your Philosophies: And the final, yet super important thing to note is that you should look for a stylist whose philosophies match with yours. You should be comfortable as well as be able to connect well with this person. Also, you both should be on the same page, especially when your stylist is picking out outfits for you. Yes, you definitely have a say, but also have faith in your stylist’s vision.

So, these were some of the points you need to tick off the checklist you made for hiring a personal stylist. With most or all of these ticked off, you have yourself a stylist who will definitely make your existence trendier. Give you a fashion upgrade and help you look your best at all times.

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