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Things to consider before buying a Trademark

A trademark is a logo that characterizes your business or brand. If you are running a business, then trademarks are vital assets. Once you have registered it, you get the legal rights to use it for your company or industry. It also prevents you from getting into legal disputes. But, did you know that there are certain things you need to consider before buying a Trademark?


Proceed into these guidelines to find out more.

•First things first, perform a quick search before buying the trademark. One of the primary goals of carrying out the run clearance for the logo is to ensure you that there is no other trademark is identical with your mark.

If the trademark matches and looks similar then chances are you will be involved in the case of infringement of someone else’s trademark.

•While buying the trademark, it is crucial to know the expanding growth of your business. If you are a business owner then always maintain the record of existing marks. Keep tracking that there is no violation of your trademark. Is your business introducing new products? Then keep an eye on the latest markings and provide protection.

Along with the expanding growth of the business, consider the future. It is possible that the trademark, which, you wish to buy, is already in the usage miles apart by some other country. You can move forward with risk, but you end up receiving blockage on the future expansion of your business.
In addition to that, if you plan to develop your business in other countries, watch out the words and symbols you use in the trademark. There should be no racist or linguistically matter involved.

•At times if you feel baffled by all the jargon words and process, it is advisable to hire an experienced trademark lawyer who has extensive knowledge regarding intellectual property or trademark. By doing so, your process becomes smoother.

On top of that, you can save time and money.

•Did you know that there is the difference between trademark and registered trademark? Well, many of you might are not aware that a ™ and R are different. The ™ symbol says about common-law rights according to the Lanham Act.

Moreover, the companies who have not registered their trademark yet with USPTO get the symbol ™. Those companies will not get protection for their logo.

The symbol R depicts that the trademark under (USPTO) the United States Patent and Trademark Office has been recorded.

For business and startups, intellectual property (IP) plays an important role. It is the most precious asset. But, it’s not only about IP where patents and inventions are measured. The brand logo, product tagline needs protection.

Trademarks will help you in keeping your business safe with an intention that no one can take over your business name or anything that is similar. But, before you buy the trademark, there are few things you need to consider. Follow the above-written blog whenever you are buying a trademark. Don’t miss to consult your attorney who will help you in avoiding the mistakes regarding intellectual property and trademark.

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