The Top 3 Reasons Everyone Should Bike to Work

Even though most cities around the world are improving their infrastructure and traffic layout for bike-riders, we are still looking at cluttered streets and traffic jams at the change of the shifts. If people opted to bike to work more often and in bigger numbers, we would not only improve the air quality within heavily urbanized zones, but the overall health and fitness of citizens would increase significantly. If you are still not sold on this idea, here is a more detailed look at the top three reasons everyone should bike to work and find out the health benefits of biking.



Biking to work and back can be your designated gym session for the day if you simply do not have time to spare. Of course, going to the gym is a preferable option (in addition to biking), but a lot of people are simply too swamped with work and private obligations. During an hour of above-average pedaling speed, you can burn over 500 calories, which is absolutely amazing. Therefore, biking can help you look fit and it will make your legs look utterly amazing.

However, the health benefits of biking do not end there. It can actually burn as many on average as a typical jogging session, but without the detrimental effect on your joints. It will improve your cardiovascular system and lower your blood pressure. Over time, it can definitely boost your energy as you’ll be able to cycle – and indeed perform all other activities – for longer. This means you will not feel as sluggish in the office and your overall work performance will increase. Improved muscle strength and better coordination are definite pluses that will also have a positive influence on every aspect of your life.

Furthermore, biking is a sort of reciprocal deal – it’s what makes it so enticing and rewarding. As long as you bike to work, you will reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on your environment. If all people commuted to work via bike, we’d get an immensely healthier air to breathe and – in turn – our bodies would be healthier too. If you want to see such results, remember that the change begins with you.



As you get fitter on the bike, you’re the blood will flow much better through your body, which means your brain power will increase. Even moderate biking sessions can lead to a drastic effect over time – prevent cognitive decline, sharpen up your learning mechanisms and improve your memory. As your body and your brain get in sync, you will become noticeably happier.

In this regard, daily cycling can turn what would otherwise be a stressful commute into a therapy session of sorts. The symptoms of anxiety and depression will be reduced and physical exhaustion you’ll feel from biking definitely helps with insomnia.

Such long-term effects make biking sessions, above all else, fun. Navigating through obstacles on the road is something that will easily take you back to a giddy childhood mood as you reconnect with your inner playfulness. Just make sure you are safe while you navigate the streets. If you commute back home when it’s really late, additional protection on the road is a must, so make sure you always have fully charged bike lights and biking clothes with fluorescent markings. This way, your commuting will be both fun and safe.



The hard-earned sum at the end of the month can get significantly larger if you decide to bike to work and back. By using your car to go to work, you are not only polluting the environment (even if it is a hybrid), you are also wasting away your hard-earned cash on fuel. Apart from a few maintenance sessions and checkups at the local bike store, you will spend virtually no money if you bike. Remember, repair, insurance and maintenance of a car can eat up as much as two months’ worth of wages annually, and that’s without major overhauls due to irreparable damage. Furthermore, biking will not only save your money – it will save everybody’s money.

As major cities invest in bicycle-friendly infrastructure, the overall healthcare costs decrease, as well as the money spent on city repairs, and this goes without mentioning the economic benefits bike culture brings to companies and businesses that cultivate it. Such benefits take time to show, but after several decades, the numbers become undeniable.

Health benefits of biking are well known and irrefutable. The research has been published in countless papers by medical professionals from every corner of the globe, and those who have brought these two-wheelers into their lives have nothing but praise for their experiences. Bike commuting is a win-win in many aspects of life – you will save money, improve your mental and physical health and positively influence the environment. Over time, such positive effects can only turn you into a more productive member of society.

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