The Storefront: How to Keep Your Backroom Inventory Organized

An organized backroom contributes to the success of your business. Disorganization leads to chaos and confusion, which is terrible for any business. Maybe it takes thirty minutes or more to locate certain supplies. Or maybe supplies are mysteriously disappearing. Whatever the case, organizing will get things under control.

Get Employees Involved

Get your employees involved in the process. They might have concerns or ideas you haven’t considered. Take this time to share your ideas as well. Check to see if your changes make sense. Something may seem logical to you, but it might actually make things worse for employees. Discuss this with your employees before making sweeping changes that affect everyone.

Backroom Storage Options

Organizing inventory is pointless if you simply move things from one place to another. A rule of thumb is that every item should have its place. And with the right storage supplies, every item has a place to belong.

Stackable storage bins provide a simple way to organize inventory. Group items by brand, size, or type. Heavy duty bins are suitable for tools and other heavy items. If you’re unsure about your storage options, then you can search online. Companies such as Quantum Storage sell storage bins that can help you keep your backroom inventory organized.

Acquire Additional Space

Limited space can contribute to disorganization. It’s possible there’s just too much stuff crammed into a small space. It’s likely you’re leasing or renting a commercial property that you can’t modify. You could relocate, but an off-site storage unit is possibly a better option.

Inventory that is barely used is a candidate for off-site storage. Old paperwork, seasonal decorations, and overstock are a few examples. And space is easy to organize when you use storage bins and shelving.

The price of the storage unit is determined in part by its size. And different facilities also offer different levels of security. It’s important to find a storage facility that you trust. The one closest to your business might not be the safest option. Take time to research and find a facility with good security.

Benefits of Organizing

An organized backroom contributes to the overall success of a business. No one will spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to locate an item. Employees will have better access to supplies they may need. And customers will get their items in a reasonable amount of time. The benefits of a well-organized backroom justify the endeavor and the expense.

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