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The Positive Impact Transcripts Have on SEO

One of the main reasons to add transcripts to your audio content is the positive impact that it has on search engine optimization. SEO is the act of enhancing your website, social media pages, and more in the right way to get the attention of search engines so that they send traffic to your online real estate.


Search Engine Indexing

The way search engines work is that when they crawl your site, they pick from the text content on your site to help determine if it’s relevant to their customers’ needs or not based on the words they use to search for what they want.

So, if your video is about How to Start an Amazon FBA Business, you can approach this in various ways. You can approach it from a “work from home” perspective, or an “Amazon selling” perspective. In fact, you likely want to approach it from both perspectives and more.

By uploading more text content, you give the search engines a chance to locate your information and index it for their customers to find. That means your customers will find you based on the content you put on your site. Currently, search engines cannot find your information unless it’s in text form through content, tags, meta descriptions, headers, subheaders and so forth.


Improves Your Keyword Strategy

When you start thinking about transcribing your audio, it’ll make you think about the topics in terms of an SEO keyword strategy. You can even edit the transcripts for understanding an organization to improve the content so that you can repurpose it elsewhere.

Plus, you can use the transcripts to add closed captioning to your YouTube videos. This will improve your keyword strategy by providing the text that the search engines need to locate the information you provide and deliver it to your audience.


Provides More Content for Hungry Users

Not only do users need content, the search engine does too. The more content you provide to the search engines, the better. Of course, you want it to be quality, unique, informative content for your users, but you also want it to be in a good enough quantity so that the search engines index your site regularly.

One way to accomplish this is to provide more content in the form of blogs, case studies, articles, and more – all of which can start with audio and be gleaned from transcripts which contain the keywords that you want your audience to find.


Improves User Engagement

One indicator that search engines use to rank your site and information is user engagement. Captions, especially on video, help users pay more attention to your content. When they watch video for longer, it signals to Google that your content is important and worth sharing. It’ll put you higher up on search rankings and results.

User engagement is so important, not only for search engine ranking but also for your ability to get users to share your information with you. If you don’t have enough reasons to add transcripts to your videos and audio yet, then it’s time to think again. Transcripts are very important and worth the time and effort it takes to make them.

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